What is the climate weapon was used by the Americans in Vietnam

Another 05/02/20 What the climate weapon was used by the Americans in Vietnam

Nature in the modern world seems to have rebelled: abnormal tornadoes and hurricanes, heavy rains and snowfalls, droughts and frosts suggests that this is not a natural process, the result of the application of climate weapons.

climate Controlled

the world’s leading Military powers have long been in search of the perfect weapon, able not only to destroy the people as to cause enormous destruction. They know what direction you need to work: it’s about the geophysical weapon, which when exposed to the environment may provoke various natural disasters: from tsunamis and earthquakes to floods and droughts.

subordinate To natural elements to his will man makes the first, but confident steps. This primarily refers to the experiments to control the weather. People have learned to trigger the formation of clouds and fog, causing rain in one place and to disperse the clouds in the other.
at First, similar experiments were set one goal: not to allow the hail to destroy crops or not to let the sun destroy the crops, but when the climate became interested in military weapons, the development of similar programs had ceased to be peaceful. It is not known what progress the developers have achieved in this area, as for obvious reasons they kept in the strictest confidence.
There is a hypothesis that evidence of the use of climate weapons was a heat wave that gripped the European part of Russia in summer 2010. It was allegedly caused by an act of HAARP, located in Alaska, 250 km northeast of anchorage.

U.S. Authorities claim that the HAARP station is designed exclusively for the study of auroras, truth researcher, physical Department of Moscow state University Georgy Vasiliev doubts the words of the officials. in his words, says a lot about the fact that the complex belongs to the Ministry of defense. Alarming and other data: for the construction of HAARP took 20 years and $ 250 million dollars, and the power of the emitters is 3600 kilowatts, making them the most powerful devices in the world on the effects on the ionosphere.
many experts suspicious of the connection between the end of the construction of HAARP in 1997 and the beginning of a series of disasters that swept the world in subsequent years. The most devastating of these was 9-magnitude earthquake in 2004 off the coast of Sumatra triggered giant tsunami. The victims of the disaster were more than 300 thousand people.
Another complex, which is suspected of involvement in the climate experiments is “sur”, located on the ground Scientific research radiophysical Institute “Vasilsursk” near Nizhny Novgorod. The main task established in the USSR of the project “Sura” – finding ways to protect our planet from a major coronary emissions in its atmosphere, which often lead to malfunction of electrical equipment and means of communication.

However, as in the case of HAARP no evidence that “sur” was used for military purposes are not. Moreover, according to the statements of Russian and American experts, they are in constant contact and conduct joint research.

the force of the rain

currently the Only proven fact the use of climate weapons is “operation Popeye” (“Spinach”), conducted by the us military during the Vietnam war. The importance of this operation is evidenced by the fact that it was headed by a Commissioner adviser to the U.S. President for science and technology Dr. Hargens.
to increase the number and duration of rainfall in the skies over North Vietnam, American pilots were instructed to spray silver iodide that they regularly exercised from the beginning of 1967 to mid-1975. “Make mud, not war” – this became the unofficial motto of this programwe.
the method is simple: getting into the rain cloud particles of silver iodide, concentrating the moisture, causing heavy rainfall. The US defense Department had hoped that the prolonged heavy rains significantly raised the water level in the rivers that lead to the infringement of the supply lines of the Viet Cong and to mass starvation. And they were right: in addition to creating difficulty of movement on the Ho Chi Minh trail unprecedented rains ruined fields with cultivated plants in North Vietnam.

However, the operation “Spinach” flew the American budget a pretty penny for 5 years of the program spent approximately $15 million dollars. During this time, American pilots were able to make over 2 thousand sorties and sprayed in the Vietnam sky about 5.4 thousand tons of silver iodide.
the Writer is a meteorologist of USA James Rodger Fleming reported that the public do not know the exact results of the operation “Spinach” from a military point of view, but according to some the annual rainfall in the region during the Vietnam war, increased about 7 times. It is believed that the same methods the U.S. military used and in Cuba, which led to the destruction of the sugar cane harvest.

In the 60-70-ies of the Americans experimented not only with rain clouds, but tried to subdue hurricanes. For some American States (Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee) annual tornado turn into a real disaster. Scientists have been puzzling not only over how to prevent the ravages of the tornado, but also how to find ways to use the element for military purposes. For their experiments, the Ministry of defense was attracted by the famous mathematician John von Neumann.
Despite the fact that the Nixon administration strongly denied the charge in the use of climate weapons, in particular, at operation “Spinach”, investigative journalism Jack Anderson for the Washington Post in 1971, stirred up the public and had wide political repercussions.

In 1972, the Pentagon wouldl compelled to curtail all programs on testing of climate weapons, and 6 years later the UN adopted a resolution on the inadmissibility of the use of climate weapons in military conflicts. True skeptics believe that the resolution due to the large number of legal loopholes cannot prevent the desire of certain powers to use the climate to their advantage.
the Other part of the public are sceptical about the very possibility of real climate weapons, capable in a short period of time to change the weather over a large area. From their point of view, this complicated scientific and technical problem in the coming years, it is impossible to solve.

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