Victor Ginzburg: what happened to the husband of the main traitor of the great Patriotic

History 05/02/20 Victor Ginzburg: what happened to the husband of the main traitor of the great Patriotic

an Accomplice of the Nazis Antonina Makarova before the war, dreamed of glory Anki-gunner – heroine of the Civil war. It got the glory – but the kind with which has forfeited all their glory: the ruthless women of the executioner personally killed about 1,500 Soviet citizens and partisans, the elderly, women and children.

Thirty years she managed to not only evade justice, but together with her husband Victor Ginzburg speak to the students speeches denouncing fascism. She was caught only in 1976.


Antonina Parfenova was born in Moscow in 1920, and in 1923, her father, Makar Parfenov, his family moved to the village. Here the girl messed up the name and school recorded her Antonina Makarova. Later the name was transferred to the passport.

Historian Ivan Koftun and writer Dmitry Zhukov in the book “the Burgomaster and executioner. Tonka-machine-gunner, Bronislav Kaminski and others” indicate that Antonina from his youth wanted to live like everyone else, quickly lost interest in serious work, moved from place to place, looking for Dating with young men.

the War caught her in Moscow, where she lived with her aunt and worked in the dining room. As Antonina graduated from the courses of the red cross in August 1941 she was drafted into the army. At first she worked in the cafeteria, and then she was transferred to infantry regiment No422 Reserve army – medical.

In October 1941 the regiment got into a real grinder – boiler at Vyazma, where the Red army lost in killed 600 thousand people, about 688 thousand were captured. Captured and Antonina, but she managed to escape with a soldier by the name Fedchuk.

the Man seduced the girl and took her to his home in Lokotskogo district, where in November 1941 appeared Lokotskogo Republic, on the territory of which the Nazis ruled the hands of the collaborators. Here Fedchuk threw the young lover, as he had a wife and children.

the Girl did not confused, became the mistress of the head of the local policemen Grigory Ivanov-Ivanin, who arranged her to work in the police. Antonina paid literally 30 pieces of silver – 30 Reichsmarks, was given a room and food.

the Gunner-the executioner

Who first came up with the cynical thought of the girls of the executioner is unknown. It is not excluded that to the policemen. But once she was given what she wanted – a machine gun “Maxim” and set before the formation of the Soviet people, which had to be shot.

for the first time to pull the trigger, she hesitated for a long time. The policemen had to get her drunk. Then it became easier, but after each execution of Antonina was drunk.

the Shooting occurred not far from the prison, from the ditch where he dumped the bodies. They were forced to stand in a line, then dragged the machine gun, and Antonina with the tribes were wiped out everyone. If anyone remained alive were finished off in person. At one time killed 27 people, just enough were placed in the chambers County jail. They kill not only guerrillas and soldiers killed women, old women, teenagers, children.

Say, she soon got a taste, began to modernisati – was shot dead jewelry, favourite things. Complained that have to wash. Went to jail, had my eye on the prisoner. She was afraid of fire – thought beforehand looking after his things.

To the fate of people killed remained outwardly indifferent, but in the evenings, got drunk and literally walked on. In 1943 she found a syphilis, and sent for treatment to the rear. It saved her from punishment: in the summer of Antoninus left, and on 5 September the Red army liberated the Elbow.

After the war

In the rear of the Makarov became the mistress of a German corporal who took her to Poland, but was murdered, and Antonina were in a concentration camp. It saved her again, in 1945 the camp was liberated by the Red army. Filtration point the woman called his name, passed the test and managed to serve in the red army that POSvalila her to a few anniversary awards. In the same year, she met with Sergeant Viktor Ginzburg. The soldier fell in love with her, and after they have, in 1947, had a daughter, the couple were married, and Makarova took her husband’s name.

the couple lived in the Belarusian town of Lepel. Antonina worked at a garment factory inspector, gave birth to another girl. Colleagues considered her a good employee, but noted isolation: during feasts Antonina refused to drink.

30 years of the NKVD, and then KGB unsuccessfully sought the executioner. Knew about it a little – marks, age. It went faster after his arrest, police Ivanova-Ivanin, who gave her name – Antonina Makarova.

Soon helped the case. One of the brothers Antonina, Colonel Parfyonov when filling out the questionnaire indicated the name of sisters – Makarova wrote that she was in occupation.

After the woman identified the residents of the Elbow, she was arrested.

Husband gray per hour

Victor Ginzburg and his already adult daughter at first did not understand what was happening. The yard was 1976, and he even could not imagine, what can you blame his wife, worked all his life in a sewing factory!

that he, a soldier, for some libel arrested his wife, he threatened to write a complaint to the Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev! Ginsburg was so bad that the investigators who long concealed from him the cause of his arrest, his wife had to tell him with whom he had shared a bed and a Desk for 30 years in a row. They say that Ginsburg turned white in just one hour, because the Nazis in Polotsk shot all his relatives.

And Antonina never even thought about family. As recalled, the investigator Leonid savos’kin, she was calm, even indifferent, I was sure that will give short term or release for a period of years. Told me that “I still shot only those already sentenced”. Psychiatrists recognized Makarov completely sane.

“Gunner” was sentenced to death. Was able to prove the killing 168 people; Prigovthe PR was executed on 11 August 1979.

After Victor Ginzburg learned the truth about his wife, he and his two adult daughters Packed up and left in an unknown direction. Most likely, their whereabouts were known employees of intelligence agencies, but they haven’t told anyone at the front then respected. That is why there is no information anywhere about the names of the daughters of Makarova. Some things must remain unknown.

Maya Novik

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