What is occupied territory of the USSR came Hitler

History 13/01/20 On what the occupied territory of the USSR came Hitler

From the beginning of world war II, Adolf Hitler regularly visited the occupied territory of the USSR. The Fuhrer did not sit bezvylazno in bunkers – he made brief visits to the front and in military hospitals. To travel in the Soviet Union, Hitler used the private plane “Condor”, a special train and car.


the Visit of Hitler in the Soviet Union began when the Wehrmacht was already far enough advanced into the country. On the morning of 21 July 1941, the aircraft of the Fuhrer landed at the airport of the Latvian town of Malnava, where during the week the headquarters of army group “North”. In the backyard of the manor house in the estate Moldavskom tourists today show “Hitler’s bunker”. However, how do you think the Latvian historians, the construction refers to a later time, and Hitler talked with the military in the estate.


the Main “Soviet” Hitler is considered the residence of Vinnitsa, near which, in the village of Stryzhavka, the rate was “Werewolf.” The leader of the Nazis had lived here during 1942-43. He kept beloved German shepherd Blondi, but mistress Eva Braun “visit” to Ukraine was not invited. According to the historian Emmanuel Ioffe, a couple times a month, the führer necessarily briefly left his hiding place. In Ukraine, he visited Uman, Berdichev, Zhitomir, Poltava, Mariupol and Kharkov. Trips were not always planned in advance, and routes could change according to the mood of the Fuhrer.

Once, even Hitler was almost captured by the Russians. 19 Feb 1943 commander in chief of the Wehrmacht arrived in Zaporozhye, to hold a meeting with the generals of the newly created army group “South”. According to the testimony of Lieutenant General Werner of Stages until the plane Hitler was on the airfield, Soviet troops broke through the front, and one tank column of the 25th tank corps even came close to OverPorou. From the airport of the Soviet tank crews were separated by only 5 miles away, and to stop them the Germans managed only with the help of the armored train. Hitler this episode scared


Less is known about the travel of the Fuhrer on actual Russian territory. Near the village of Krasny Bor in Smolensk was located bet “Barenfalle” (“Bear’s den”). There is evidence that Hitler was here in November, 1941 and March 13, 1943. During the last visit to the Fuhrer made an attempt General Hennig von tresckow, who laid the bomb in the plane of the head of state. With the object “Berengere”, which the Germans in retreat blew up, tied the rumors about the buried underground treasures. Also at the level of speculation remains the version of the Hitler’s stay in Pskov, where in the Snetogorsky monastery was located in the spare headquarters of the army group “North”.


Hitler had to happen in Belarus. There is a newsreel depicting the arrival of the führer in Minsk. The footage of Hitler from the air inspecting city buildings, then at the airport he meets a crowd of enthusiastic Germans.

In the Belarusian town of Borisov in August 1941 the Fuehrer held a meeting with the generals of army group “Center” on plans for the offensive on Moscow.

At Brest, Hitler, accompanied by Mussolini first came in August 1941, to inspect the newly captured fortress. The second time he visited the town in 1944, presumably in the spring or summer. A minor at the time the local resident Elena Vasilieva saw the führer on the German street (now Lenin). Here’s what she told the journalist of the newspaper “the Evening Brest” Vasily Sarychev:

“I Heard the roar of engines and saw the procession: a large number of motorcyclists two rows and between a few cars. The whole cloud stopped at the military hospital, the current hospital ambulance<...>. The Germans are well trained lined up to form a corridor, the car left Hitler and headed into the building. I could not find out: lengthInstitute of occupation have seen many times in the “news of the day”, which was played at the city cinemas before the film. And then one of the adults said that Hitler lifted the wounded…”

If this testimony is true, then it refutes the opinion of some researchers who believe that from mid-1943 Hitler in the USSR did not come.

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