What good did Konstantin Chernenko for the Soviet Union

Biography 12/02/20 What good did Konstantin Chernenko for the USSR

February 13, 1984, the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee was Konstantin Chernenko. His reign lasted less than 13 months, with his death ended a whole epoch, the country “Wisla to the restructuring” and ceased to exist.

the Eternal protégé

Chernenko could not boast military achievements, and burning at the dawn of the revolution. His career, by and large, has always been based on patronage. Older sister Chernenko, Valentina worked as head of the organization Department of the Krasnoyarsk city town Committee of the Communist party and was in close relations with the first Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional Committee Oleg Aristov. It Aristov first sent Peter to study at the Higher party school and then was employed in various party organizations, promoting through the ranks. In Moldova Chernenko worked under the leadership of Brezhnev and became friends with him for life. On the coast (the so-called Brezhnev) led the corporate ladder Brezhnev.

the Speaker and agitator

Chernenko was a brilliant orator and a master of propaganda. His talent, he was not buried in the ground, on the contrary — willingly shared them. Even during party work in Penza, he for three years has produced 26 thousand of party agitators. For 7 years that Chernenko headed the propaganda Department in Chisinau, Moldovan has been translated, published, and distributed more than 300 thousand copies of Lenin’s writings — one for every five citizens living on the territory of the Republic.

During the life of Brezhnev Chernenko headed the organizational Department of the CPSU Central Committee. By taking the position, he eagerly set to work and quickly established a clear work. A brilliant bureaucrat, Chernenko have relied on paper statements: notes, certificates, reports, reports. The party apparatus was fenced off from the masses of impenetrable paper weight – people just stopped to deal with. Any business Chernenko could sort through, sanded, run in smooth RAbot.

the Inventor

Konstantin Chernenko received the State prize for… the organization of pneumopathy. Incredibly sprawling flow of documentation from the Kremlin (Politburo) at the Old square (CC) couriers delivered slowly. Chernenko invited and actively participated in the organization of pneumonialike that has significantly reduced logistics costs and accelerate the process.

a Fan

Chernenko is considered to be a kind of “cracker” without passion and excitement, but the passion in the life of Konstantin Ustinovich was. And this passion was football. In 1976 Spartak was sick Chernenko, were relegated from the top League. Senior supporter decided to intervene in the Affairs of the team and rescue “Spartak”. In Dinamo he led the Konstantin Beskov, called the brothers Starostin, promised any support and he kept his word: he built a base in Tarasovka, decided the housing problem players and in addition made a “chief” Spartacus “Aeroflot”. So with financing, good players and flights, the issue was resolved. Three years later, “Spartacus” became the champion!

the Oppressor

Chernenko in his post to “mark” the fight with the rock musicians. All musical groups, which, according to the Secretary General, not consistent with the aesthetic and political norms were persecuted. Semi-organized performances in houses of culture, cinemas, flats equated to illegal business activities followed by the real term. For example, the prison was Zhanna Aguzarova.

the Second number

After Brezhnev’s death the question of succession remained unresolved. Although Chernenko since the late 70’s was the most likely candidate for the post of General Secretary after the death of Leonid Brezhnev at the meeting prior to the plenary when the chair of the Central Committee wanted to take Chernenko, he was stopped by Marshal Ustinov, saying, “Wait, Kostya, you have to discuss.” Andropov’s candidacy was approved without discussion. In the form of a consolation prize as soon as Andropov became General Secretary, Chernenko was given the Lenin prize.

After the death of Andropov, Blackenko still became Secretary-General of 13 months three days — 10 March of the following year he died. Time of his tenure he spent in the hospital in early August, he was poisoned smoked fish, got to the hospital, and she did not come out. The Politburo meeting held in the ward of hospital.

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