Sambo: as Anatoly Harlampiev created a Russian combat system

History 12/02/20 Sambo: as Anatoly Harlampiev created a Russian combat system

Anatoly Kharlampiev managed to create a fighting system that can make ordinary Soviet citizen superhero. Having absorbed all the best Sambo is our way of judo, karate and Boxing. The answer, which is understandable without words.

Rod Harlampievich

last Name Harlampiev from Greek language means “shining light.” Grandfather Anatoly Harlampiev, George, faithfully rose to the rank of court counselor, was a respected person in the society and the real powerhouse.

In the book Edward Khrutsky “This raging Russian”, tells that the family Harlampiev great importance was given to physical exercises, his son, Arkady, Georgy Harlampiev was raised in the strict discipline conducted sports activities.

Kharlampieva participated in fist fights on the beach or the ice of the Dnieper. Himself as a fighter George Harlampiev positioned, while all physically developed people just called gymnasts.

But the gymnast George Harlampiev was special, he tore the fingers three-kopeck coin, once stopped the hands of the suffering horse.
Son of George, Archie, was a painter, mountaineer and the first professional Russian boxer. In order to earn money to feed the family and education in Paris Academy of fine arts, he participated in the battles for money under the pseudonym Charles LAMPE. Back in Russia, developed the Boxing, he taught at the Central school of militia and other educational institutions, co-wrote with Greta and Gradopolov manuals on Boxing, calling it “the noble art of self-defense”.

a Worthy son and grandson

Anatoly Harlampiev was thus hereditary fighter. His grandfather is a strong man and father-a boxer from early childhood raised the child in an atmosphere of respect for the athleticism and hard work. At the age of six years in the future, “father Sambabout” were in the circus, performing gymnastic somersaults under the dome of the arena.

At the age of 16 he was already comprehensively developed athlete, during training at school was engaged in power-lifting, gymnastics, wrestling, Boxing, mountaineering.

However, Anatoly Harlampiev was not simply an athlete and sportsman, he was keenly interested in art, studied painting, sculpture, studied in a music school. However, his true passion is still the arts. After school Anatoly Harlampiev completed courses sports instructors and started to work in the Society of the builders of the International red stadium, and Red University of toilers of the East physical education teacher. At the same time Harlampiev met with Nikolai Podvoisky, Chairman of Sportintern who “planted” him the idea of creating a universal freestyle wrestling. Apparently, then Harlampiev and “on fire”.


still, when Harlampiev called the “father of Sambo”, online ignite heated debate about his “fatherhood”. Teacher Harlampiev was a friend of his father Vasily Oshchepkov. He was a real “locomotive” of development of martial arts in Russia. In 1913 Oshchepkov finished in Japan school “Kodokan”, he studied at the Jigoro Kano and became the third European to get a second Dan in judo.

In Russia Oshchepkov opened a school of judo, trained melee of police officers and soldiers of the red army, conducted tournaments.

However, Oshchepkov promoted not only judo, but also went further: introduced the Russian names of methods, replaced the bow on the handshake before and after the fight, introduced weight categories and “racer back”, changed the cover jacket and introduced into the Arsenal of judo techniques from the national wrestling who have studied, traveling through the republics of the Union. Oshchepkov really can be considered one of the patriarchs of Sambo, but not the father, but rather “grandfather”. Systematized equipment of Soviet of free-style wrestling in clothes (so initially was called Sambo) already Anatoly Harlampiev.

Adopting skills

during his work in Red University of toilers of the East Harlampiev had the opportunity to study various martial arts techniques, as school had students from different parts of the country, from Central Asia, from Siberia, from the Far East. Were foreigners – the Mongols, Chinese.

Later Harlampiev, and Oshchepkov, was to travel around the region, in the Caucasus and Asian republics, participated in the fights tirelessly to master new techniques.

About this period of his life in 1983 for the film “Invincible,” in which the role Harlampiev was played by Andrey Rostotsky. By 1936, when Harlampiev defended the diploma, he has already gathered over 1000 techniques from different types of wrestling.
Immediately after the start of the great Patriotic war, Harlampiev volunteered for the front. Ending the war with the army defeated the Kwantung army, he also studied against prisoners of the Japanese, in the train which was about ten tatami. Began to fight as a simple soldier, Harlampiev was demobilized in the rank of Lieutenant, earned medals.

Open system

unlike traditional martial arts, Sambo is still an open system. The initial impetus for development was asked judo, but Sambo quickly grew to include in his Arsenal not only the techniques of the national wrestling (the qresh CIDOB and others), but technology and army combat systems.

In the early 60-ies, on the eve of Tokyo Olympics, the Soviet Union first came the best wrestlers in Japan with their coaches.

When they met with Soviet wrestlers, doubt they have left – Sambo – essentially a new system.

All Sambo

In 50 years the Japanese have appropriated Kharlampieva honorary eighth Dan in judo, which for reaponse was simply unthinkable. Over the years my coaching (only in MEI Harlampiev taught 25 years), he had produced 70 masters of sports. In 1961, judo was included in the program of Olympic games, wrestlers began to leave Sambo to judo, which he could not, of course, likes AnatolUW Kharlampieva, but this “Exodus” showed how Sambo is a universal system.

Prove this and the success of the Russian masters of Sambo compete in mixed martial arts.

Harlampiev was betrayed Sambo, investing in its development himself. Even when Sambo became a popular sport (it is even included in the rules of the TRP-2) and in the halls was not enough room, Harlampiev never rejected anyone. The first training from the master started at 9 am, the last at 9 PM.
He Harlampiev demanded nothing for his achievements for himself and his family, has long lived in a communal apartment. One room was for him and a bedroom and office and kitchen.
Died the “father of Sambo” in 1979, leaving the school masters and a new and effective form of martial arts.

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