What ACE Pokryshkin wanted to be judged by a military Tribunal

Heroes 29/11/19 what ACE Pokryshkin wanted to be judged by a military Tribunal

in the spring of 1943, the words “Attention, attention, in the sky Pokryshkin!”, sounded German posts alerts, meant the urgent need to strengthen due diligence to emerge from a protracted air battles, the “hunters” – to climb, young and inexperienced pilots to return to the airfields.

it is No exaggeration to say that these words are among the clearest signs of recognition of flying skills and bravery of Alexander Pokryshkin, Soviet pilot ACE, one of the most successful fighter pilots, among pilots-Hitler coalition. Aleksandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin, the first thrice hero of the Soviet Union, holder of six orders of Lenin, order of the October revolution, four orders of the red banner, two orders of Suvorov of II degree, order of Patriotic war I degree, two orders of red Star, order “For service to Motherland in the USSR armed forces”. Besides, Pokryshkin was awarded medals “For military merit”, “For defense of Caucasus”, “For Victory over Germany”, “For liberation of Prague”, “For capture of Berlin” and many others. Pokryshkin was awarded orders and medals of the United States, the GDR, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia and other countries.

During the years of the great Patriotic war, Alexander Pokryshkin made 650 sorties, had 156 air battles, shot down 59 enemy aircraft in person and 6 in the group. Sometimes, however, called a different number shot down by Pokryshkin aircraft, some authors reduce their number, while others increase. At the present time to give the exact number shot down by Pokryshkin aircraft is not possible for a number of reasons. First of all, because not all downed aircraft in the chaos of the war were properly documented, besides, Pokryshkin sometimes “gave” the downed aircraft with his wingman. But whatever it was, Pokryshkin remains onethey are of the greatest fighter pilots.

it all Started before the war. Alexander Pokryshkin was born in 1913 in Novonikolaevsk (now Novosibirsk) in a working class family. Aircraft he was passionate since childhood. After graduation, Alexander some time working in construction, and in 1932 went to serve in the army. In 1933 Pokryshkin graduated from the Perm aviation school, then studied at courses of improvement of technical force of the red army named after K. E. Voroshilov at the 1st military aviation school in Leningrad and Krasnodar flying club. In November 1938 he was sent to study in Kachin red banner military aviation school, which graduated in November 1939. Lieutenant A. I. Pokryshkin was assigned to the Junior pilot in the 55th fighter aviation regiment, which was part of the air force of the Odessa military district. Regiment in 1940, the year was deployed in Moldova, Balti.

Pokryshkin went through the war, from 22 June 1941 to 9 may 1945, participated in defensive operations in Malawie, in the Donbass in the Rostov region, in the air battles in the Kuban, in the Crimea, fought in the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts participated in the liberation of Czechoslovakia, took Berlin. In addition, in 1943, of 16-th guards aviation regiment flew to Iran to instruct new equipment, supplied under lend-lease, in combat experienced American planes and domestic new types of fighters, starting with the YAK-1.

However, this brilliant military career could have ended before it began. And here’s why. Its first aircraft, Alexander Pokryshkin shot down on 22 June 1941. It was… the Soviet plane 211-th bomber regiment – light bomber SU-2. Took such trouble over misunderstanding. The fact that these bombers appeared in our parts before the war, and their appearance was unknown to the fighters. Here is Pokryshkin misunderstanding and adopted SU-2 for an enemy aircraft. The future of the ACA saved the chaos of the first day of the war: he finishElsa scolding. Besides our bomber pilot survived the crash.

there was another moment that could cost Pokryshkin not only a career, but of liberty and perhaps of life.

It was in 1942. Pokryshkin was already known as an excellent pilot, commanded a squadron. He had a serious conflict with the commander of the regiment N. V. Isaev. Pokryshkin was not just a brilliant pilot, he was an innovator and theorist of air combat. The current at this time the tactics he considered outdated and a lot of work over the more sophisticated and modern approaches. According to the recollections of colleagues, he “drew plans, did the calculations, apply formulas, laws of aerodynamics subsonic speeds. Pilots was widely known for his famous album of typical attacks. His hut was called the “air Academy”. Isaev criticism of the outdated tactics of the Soviet air force was not accepted. A series of conflicts led to the fact that Pokryshkin was expelled from the party and removed from office. Moreover, once there was a fracas in the mess, which was fabricated the whole case against Pokryshkin. It was submitted to a military Tribunal. God knows what would have ended this story if not for the intercession of the Commissioner of the regiment and their superiors. The case was dismissed, Pokryshkin returned the party card reinstated.

Innovation Pokryshkin was the fact that he refused to build the fight in the horizontal plane, as it was until now. By this time, new aircraft, engines, increased horizontal and vertical speed, that is why there is the opportunity to “climb to altitude” as said by the pilots. The formula of victory in the air battle from Pokryshkin had the following form: height – speed – maneuver – fire.

Here is just one example of the application of this formula by Pokryshkin.

12 April 1943 over the Kuban, patrolling at high altitude, guard captain Pokryshkin saw two pairs of Messerschmitts, which were above him. It was a favorite tactic notMecca aces: to strike an unexpected blow in the back and escape again. But Pokryshkin dramatically tossed his fighter up. Gaining altitude, passed it and dive rushed to the attack. An apt place – and one “Messer” went to the ground.

back in the time of climb Pokryshkin saw that a couple of our fighters attacked the four Messerschmitts. He did not attack the slave of the downed fascist, and rushed to the aid of comrades. Shells struck one “Messer”, slipped down, turned the plane around and went in front on a third enemy fighter. All in this battle decided seconds. Tires spent three productive attacks, and each is unique. Top, bottom, frontal attack – it was. And in each position he found the right decision and immediately implement it into action.

the merits of Alexander Pokryshkin, should be attributed to the fact that he belonged to the idea to use as a landing strip of the highway. It has played a crucial role during the fighting in Germany.

After the war, Alexander Pokryshkin graduated from the military Academy. Frunze, was promoted to General-major of aviation, he held positions in high command of air defense of the country. Since January 1972, he was Chairman of the Central Committee of DOSAAF, November 1981 – a military inspector-adviser of a group of General inspectors of the Ministry of defence. Died Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin 13 November 1985 at the age of 72 years.

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