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14/12/19 weapons Than the Soviet “Kalash” surprised the American soldiers in Vietnam

Why in Vietnam, the U.S. Marines were hunting for a Kalashnikov assault rifle
the debate between simplicity, reliability and high-precision, adaptability is a dilemma, on both sides of which the American M – 16 rifle and the Soviet “Kalashnikov”.
Vietnam Russian AK demonstrated its undeniable advantages – versatile, multi-functional weapons as such.

“”M-16″ is a pretty lousy weapon”

His automatic assault rifle M-16 us military personnel, to put it mildly, not loved. According to the American historian Kevin Dockery as soon as the Kalashnikovs in Vietnam was tested by the Americans, they immediately ranked AK to elite weapons. Trophy “Kalashnikovs” immediately took their weapons the American special forces and Marines of the state.
Dockery said that M-16 “was lousy” for a number of reasons: they are often jammed in battle and the rifle turned out to be highly complex to maintain, especially their early modifications. “Kalash” was impeccably faultless in all conditions.

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According to the veteran American airborne Dan Sheni, the horn “kalashinkov” shut up in the machine even if that creeps up to his neck in dirt mile – he may not come “gradually”, “by the rules”, but eventually primknete anyway. And of the M-16 should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, to store entered the nest. AK such efforts do not require, store the “Kalash” can be inserted into the socket even ignorant.
Sheni was amazed at the caliber M-16 and AK -74 same, and sensitivity to the sand, water and dirt from weapons – a striking difference. The rifle in Vietnam was ordered to clean up to 5 times a day, and to disassemble the weapon was only possible in special conditions, ensuring the safety of many small parts M-16. Veteran shtatovskih VDV said that if the rifle barrel comeLa water, it could render it useless. The “Kalashnikov” such problems never arise.

… and military officer

major General Robert Skels in 1969, fought in Vietnam, and his assessment of the military advantages AK before M16 is particularly important. Skelt recalled that he was struck by the difference in combat capability of infantry weapons of the Vietnamese who had an AK-47 and his subordinates, equipped with an M-16. Vietnamese 3 hours in the mud crawled up the slope, dragging behind him the room, and then as if nothing had happened went into battle, and soldiers Scelza meanwhile was sitting disassembled and cleaned, clogged with mud jammed rifle.
Robert Skels believed that the armament of the American army these “crappy” (he also used the term!) rifles cost the lives of many soldiers of the US army – not only in Vietnam but also in Afghanistan. Skals says: even modern automatic carbine M-4, based on the M-16A2, and now plays the “Kalashnikov” – he is not reliable and performance is still lagging behind from our AK of any model of the Russian machine.
… the Associated Press in 2009 reported that in one battle in Afghanistan, a fatal failure of the Americans was associated with the inability of American weapons (in particular, M-4) to work in these conditions – state the rifles overheated after half an hour after the battle started.
our AK he has never had such problems.

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