Vera Voloshina: what did the Germans do with a friend Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

History 17/02/20 Photos from the exhibition club Vera Voloshina: what did the Germans do with a friend Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

the Name of this Moscow students know less than her friend Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, but their achievement is equivalent. Vera Voloshina, like Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was posthumously awarded the Star of Hero. The only difference is the countries that have won them the highest honors – Kosmodemyanskaya Hero of the Soviet Union, and Voloshin – the Hero of Russia.

Postupivshaya athlete

Vera Voloshina before the war was an ordinary girl, fond of sports, including parachuting, was recorded at the flying club. How to write her biography, Moscow Institute of physical education freshman had to leave due to serious complications of health, resulting in a winter sport camp under the Serpukhov – the Belief there is a bad cold. In result she had to transfer to the Institute of cooperative trade. Before the great Patriotic Vera Voloshin studied there three years. My beloved Yuri, Twin, by 1941 the officer who passed the Finnish campaign and was awarded the order of the red banner of Faith were friends from school. They were married in 1942 22 Jun 1941 Vera bought herself a wedding dress.

both of them, and Faith, and Yuri, for different feats was posthumously awarded the title hero – captain Yuri Twin – Soviet Union (1945, he died near Mogilev in the counterattack, holding up a battalion), his beloved became the hero of Russia in 1994.

With Kosmodemyanskaya they were acquainted

As the newspaper “Red star”, Vera Voloshina in the autumn of 1941 he was enlisted in the ranks of the red army as a volunteer. By the way, she was more experienced than Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, enlisted in the same military unit a month later. By the time Voloshin had several times to go into the enemy rear. Sabotage groups formed from yesterday’s schoolchildren and students, was to burn the housing in the occupied territories Podmoskovia that the Nazis could not hide from severe frosts. General Konstantin Rokossovsky, recalled that the sustained sub-zero temperatures then become one of the key factors that were of strategic importance in the battle for Moscow.

it is Known that Kosmodemyanskaya and Voloshin knew each other, 22-year-old Voloshin, YCL group were more experienced than yesterday’s 18-year-old schoolgirl Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. At the end of November 1941, the group, which included Kosmodemyanskaya and Voloshin, were divided and went to different suburban villages occupied by the Nazis to burn the huts and barns. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, as you know, was captured and hanged by the Germans in petrishchevo (Ruza district, Moscow region), and Vera Voloshin, being wounded, was captured near the village Golovkovo – it covered the retreat of the group of Soviet spies.

Writer Georgi Frolov in 80 – 90 years, restored with the help of witnesses the last moments of the life of Faith voloshinoy St. According to the recollections of locals, she acted as bravely as Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, who was executed the same day in petrishchevo, before the death of Vera Voloshina sang the “Internationale.”

Girl with a paddle

Vera Voloshina was born and raised in Kemerovo, and Moscow with his parents moved after the ten-year. Architectural historian Anna bronovitskaya architectural writes that the girl posed in 1934 by the famous Soviet sculptor Ivan bullied Shadr for his famous “Girl with a paddle.” There’s a theory in search of a model for future sculptures he found Faith in the pool of Institute of physical education.

However, other historians put this version into question. Born in 1919, Vera Voloshina was only 15 years old, and she just couldn’t be in Moscow – she was still in the Kemerovo school. According to her published autobiography, the Moscow Institute of physical culture Voloshin arrived in 1937.

PhD Mikhail Zolotonosov in his work “the Study of silent discourse. Annotated catalogue of garden-parkswow art of the Stalin era” writes that Shadr could sculpt the first “probe” of his “Girls” and without a concrete modeling, especially for the final version of the sculpture, installed in Moscow’s Gorky Park, and destroyed by bombing in 1941, the model is likely to serve anonymous gymnasium student.

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