Sailing. Three gold Russians at the winter world championship

the Oldest international championship WISSA 2020 winter sailing was held in Finland. Our country was represented by athletes of the St. Petersburg Academy of sailing and they won in the Country three gold medals.

Initially the regatta was to take Estonia, but due to the fact that the winter in most parts of Northern Europe did not come, it was decided to postpone the competition in the Northern Finnish town of Lestijärvi.

Organizers made it almost impossible. For some two weeks after the decision on the postponement of the world Cup they managed to prepare the event on an international scale. The competition was attended by over 100 riders from 12 countries.

In four days the athletes were able to race in different weather conditions. Coating on lake Lestijärvi has varied almost every day: from crust to nearly bare ice and ice with water.

the Main feature of the world Cup WISSA – the Union of any structures, using to move wind energy (with the exception of snowmobiles). In the main program of the event traditionally includes winter surfing, Snowkiting and wings.

Main discipline course-flight racing with the movement of the wind and under the wind, where the traditionally strong Russian riders. In the class Snowkiting course-race – skis won athlete Academy sailing Nikita Kodanev. Hard fighting he imposed another racer Academy novel Favorites that lost to the champion at least three points. Among women the best was also the athlete of the St. Petersburg Academy Elena Kalinina. Thus in the overall standings, she finished in seventh place.

In class Snowkiting course-race – snowboard was fighting to the very last race. The fate of the Golden medal was decided in an internal struggle between the two racers – Nikita Juicetin and Valerie Garashchenko. In the standings of the athletes shared a total of 2.6 points and won the falcons.