Three new metro stations in the heart of Moscow: yellow line will be a single

Moscow Authorities have expressed willingness to join Kalinin and solntsevskaya metro in a single yellow thread with the three new stations. From a technical point of view, this will be the most difficult section of the subway construction.

Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya metro line is two broken radius. One — Kalinin — leads from “Tretyakovskaya” station “Novokosino” and solntsevskaya — from the “Business center” to “Rasskazovka”. About connecting two sections of say five years, but the project was postponed because of the difficulties of construction in the city center. The tunnel needs two times to cross the Moscow river.

“There is a risk to meet a very strong pressure of groundwater. We conduct analysis of technical solutions, watching us carefully place the station in a built up part of town. Such is a very complex project. But the need to connect the two radii is a very important task”, — says Andrey Bochkarev, the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction.

the Main interchange point for passengers solntsevsky radius — station “Victory Park”. During rush hour it is crowded here, in the car, sometimes the first attempt does not go.

On a new segment between the lines there will be three stations: “Plyushchikha”, “approved” and “Dorogomilovsky”. They will unload the “Victory Park” and will provide a comfortable transfer to Sokolnicheskaya and Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line. And also you can get to the station “Tretyakovskaya”.

– Very convenient! Can’t wait, quite frankly!

Now, to get from one end of the yellow line on the other three planes, this way will take at least 1 hour 11 minutes.

Personally, I work every day in some of the districts of Moscow meeting spend. It would be very convenient if it’s connected. It really would reduce the time of movement.

to Extend a branch in the city centre in the inner-historical development — a task extremely difficult. But similar projects in the history of the Moscow metro construction were: in the 70-ies of the completed station, Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya and Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya subway lines.

“the Central section of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line is the most necessary part of the Moscow metro. Much more important than all outputs beyond the MKAD”, — said Yuri Yegorov, a historian of the underground.

If the two section of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line will connect, then Muscovites will be able to save in half an hour. The timing of construction has not yet spoken. Only the design may take more than one year.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”