Andrei Vyshinsky: the mystery of the death of the chief Prosecutor of the USSR

History 20/02/20 Andrei Vyshinsky: the mystery of the death of the chief Prosecutor of the USSR

Andrei Vyshinsky had occupied the high post of Prosecutor of the USSR four years, and then was Minister of foreign Affairs. In 1953, he became the representative of the Soviet Union in the UN and flew to the United States. After a year in new York Vyshinsky died. And the reasons for his death from various sources so far are different.

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Andrew (or Andrew) the Vyshinsky was a pole. This fact is remarkable because the poles in Stalin’s time, was subjected to repression and persecution a lot more than other nationalities. However, Vyshinsky, in contrast, made for his origin just a career. There is evidence that the secret of such success lies in the fact that Andrew Yanuarievich was personally acquainted with Joseph Vissarionovich. And the meeting took place even long before Dzhugashvili became Stalin. Vyshinsky and Dzhugashvili sat together in a prison in Baku, where he first served time for anti-government statements.

In the 1920-ies Vyshinsky was already teaching in one of the leading Metropolitan universities of Moscow state University and later its head. Then he begins to appear at trial as a Prosecutor. They were mostly political and the most high-profile cases: “Shakhty case”, “case Tukhachevsky”, “the industrial party case”, etc.

the Strange death

so, in 1953, Stalin dies. Molotov takes the chair of Minister of foreign Affairs, which had been sitting Vyshinsky. The very same Andrew yanuarevicha appoint a representative of the Soviet Union in the United Nations and sent to America. The following year, being in new York, Vyshinsky suddenly dies.

the Cause of death of high-ranking Soviet official to this day in different sources are completely different. The most innocuous version States that Vyshinsky died due to cardiac deactivity, but simply from a heart attack. According to information posted on the official website of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, the former Prosecutor had committed suicide. In addition, there is a sufficient reason in order to suspect that Wyszynski is simply removed.


let’s Consider each of these options. Andrei Vyshinsky could predict what will happen after the death of Stalin. Especially since the events have begun to unfold not in favor of the senior leaders. In 1953, he was sentenced to death, Lavrenty Beria. Among other things he was accused of abuse of power and illegal repression. Of course, Vyshinsky knew what was coming, because he, as a Prosecutor, knew the criminality of their actions. Nervous feelings from the heart of the former Prosecutor really could not withstand.

These same arguments could be motivated to commit suicide Wyszynski. Moreover, even the Nazi Roland Freisler, Chairman of the Supreme judicial authority of the Third Reich, called the Soviet Prosecutor, however, who ought to be.

as for the motives for the murder Wyszynski, everything is simple: he knew too much. As mentioned above, most trials and death sentences took place under the watchful supervision and guidance of Andrew yanuarevicha.

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