The consumer is Now in the British tour operator Thomas Cook with immediate effect, all activities have stopped, it will start a massive operation, hundreds of thousands of travelers home. But what is the meaning of the bankruptcy of the Belgian life. What are the organization has gone out of business?

from The British group Thomas Cook Group Plc are now bankrupt. As a result, all the activities of the company, will immediately shut down. Tens of thousands of Britons who have been on a family holiday and flew with Thomas Cook, with the company not to be in the next few weeks, the teruggevlogen , with a charter from the British government, and other agencies. It is the largest of the British repatriëringsoperatie in time of peace as ever.

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is The Belgian branch of Thomas Cook , as well as the us’s most famous subsidiary, the Neckermann , for the sake of clarity. avoid bankruptcy . Thomas Cook is our country in the past few years, moreover, it is also not the airline, but a tour operator. The flights can be found on the Brussels Airlines execute.

What is it with the Belgians on a trip?

“the Management and staff of Thomas Cook Belgium the fact that the Thomas Cook Group Plc and has not found a solution to its financial challenges and, consequently, the book has laid out”, is the response of the Belgian organization ” in the morning. “We have to understand that this is a lot of questions from our customers and will make every effort to make this as good as possible.”

it’s a Belgian traveller in the foreign country – a 10,000-a-plenty – there are, according to Thomas Cook Belgium, provisional of no effect . On their journey, you can continue to run as planned.” said spokesperson Leen Segers has to APPROVE.“The Belgian branch has the books and is not down. Also, the starting the holidays out of Belgium today, provisionally, by: ”, you hear the sound of it. “This morning, two flights, then left. In our countries, our customers know that Thomas Cook Belgium, everything goes as planned.”

the Airline Brussels Airlines won’t have much to say about the possible consequences for the Belgian guests. “At the moment, we can evaluate the impact of the decision by Thomas Cook UK, Thomas Cook Belgium, says spokeswoman Wencke Lemmes-Pireaux. “We are, of course, depend on the decision of Thomas Cook.”

What if, you will have to go on holiday with Thomas Cook?

the people in the next few weeks with Thomas Cook to leave, the president with the following message: “We’re going to do what is necessary so that people will be on vacation and will not be able to leave.”

Are there any guarantees that everything will certainly be able to continue in the next few weeks? Seger: “I can’t comment about it.” The trip is cancel, and the books, there seems to be no solution to this. “People will be able to make their journey, not just the cancel button. Wish for it to do so, then they will have to pay the appropriate cancellation charge,” says the spokesperson for the police in the normal procedure.

What if you take a flight to the Uk (Thomas Cook) have made?

the Worse news is that there is so much for holidaymakers, which is, for example, the myself look: bought the British airline Thomas Cook. It is now bankrupt, and fly no more: . It is also a Guarantee fund (see below), it is not among them. It just happened to vanmorgenJustine and Tom at the airport of Zaventem. They would have to get up to fly via Manchester with Thomas Cook, but it did not work any longer. They will pay, eventually, to 1,500 € for a new ticket with a different company in the US to get to the hotel.