The riots in the construction battalion in 1955: what were dissatisfied military construction

History 07/02/20 Riots in the construction battalion in 1955: what were dissatisfied military construction

After the death of Stalin and execution of Beria’s fear of the Soviet people before the authorities diminished somewhat. Soon this resulted in attempts at active protection of violated rights. In the fall of 1955 in the country mutinied soldiers on military service in construction units.

the cause of the riots

In the middle of 1950-ies the total number of building units of the Soviet army reached 730 thousand people. The soldiers involved in the construction of most of the “great construction projects of communism”, and they worked for nothing, but their labour was not spent in the Department of defense, and civilian agencies. In 1955, the notorious “battalion” was transformed into a military-construction squads (USC), and the men began to receive a fixed salary. However, the command had for the “builders in uniforms” an unpleasant surprise:

“Faced with a shortage of labor on many construction companies, the country’s leadership “by inertia” has tried to solve this problem the old fashioned way – an arbitrary increase of service life for enlisted men of the construction troops”, — says doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Mamyachenkov.

“Conscripts”, who hoped to leave the army in the fall of 1955, I learned that early April 1956 “demobilization” they do not Shine. By the time they have served already for several years, so it is easy to imagine the indignation of these people.

Events in the Urals

First rebelled building a military unit, located in the city of Krasnouralsk, Sverdlovsk region. Learning September 1, from the officers of the military enlistment office on the extension of the service life of the soldiers and sergeants came a crowd of 250 people to the head of construction.

the Students demanded to show them the relevant resolution of the Council of Ministers. Seeing that the document has all the seals in place, the soldiers in a fit of rage in frontomali chairs in the office. Parthozaktiv were ripped off, but physically the superiors were not injured. Rebels this trick got away with it. Reporting on the causes of the accident, the regional Committee leaders wrote about the absence of the soldiers club and baths, shortages of software products.

the Builders did not even have basic amenities. For example, soldiers BCO No. 1052 were forced to sleep in an unfinished, unheated room at a temperature of +3 degrees. In extreme cold they do not work in boots, and in boots, which many people got frostbite. It is not surprising that the news on the extension of this “service” caused the aggression.

Revolt in Kemerovo

a Much more massive demonstrations took place in Kemerovo. 10 September 1955, a large group of “mobilized workers” trashed the office of the Manager of construction trust No. 96, trying to force him to sign the order of dismissal. In the military, and then came the soldiers with them refused to speak on the grounds that they are “assigned” to the trust. September 12, Monday, 3 thousands of military engineers went on strike work, instead zapolleoniv city streets.

“some of the workers behaved aggressively in the crowd were heard calling for pogroms. There was a danger of seizure of administrative buildings and grocery stores,” — says the Kemerovo historian Alexander Konovalov.

on September 13, when 2 thousand people gathered at the stadium “Chemist”, they finally “descended” military and civilian superiors, including the head of Sibstroy, who arrived from Moscow. But to calm the crowd failed. Some shouted that the strike “will be known in America.” The Manager of the trust by name Stepanenko beat, and he still signed the order of dismissal. After that, the head lost consciousness, and was taken to the hospital. As a compromise, the rebels were released from service December 1, but five of the ringleaders were punished. After a number of trials, they were sentenced to 1 year hard labor (wasInskaya time this lenient punishment was unthinkable).

Historians believe the soldiers ‘ riots are quite unique for 50 years events. It is not excluded that in addition to the city of Kemerovo and similar incidents have been in other places where the construction part.

Timur Sagdiyev

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