Leontius Kondratyev: Soviet officers who survived after repeating a feat Matrosov

Biography 07/02/20 Leontius Kondratyev: Soviet officers who survived after repeating a feat Matrosov

According to historians, dealing with the biography of the Hero of the Soviet Union Kondratieff Leontius, the son of the priest during two major wars of the twentieth century, Russia has repeatedly been on the verge of life and death. It was buried three times, and only once in fact.

In fact, he was a Lion

the Main part of his pre-war biographies of historians connected with the Rostov region, although, according to the employee of the Museum of the city of Azov, Tatiana Fyodorov, the author of the material on Leontii the Kondratiev in one of the rooms of the anthology “essays on the history of Azov”, the birthplace of the future Hero of the Soviet Union — the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut (now Artemivsk, Donetsk region). There is evidence that he fought in the First world war and was even awarded the George cross.

In any case, according to Tatyana Fedorova, by 1917, 25-year-old Leontiy Kondratiev was married, had a son, lived in Azov, and was actively engaged in revolutionary work among the Cossacks. Says Fedorov, activist-underground even had to change the present, given in baptism the name of the lion on “reburiano”, “socially close” Leonti — it was easier to agitate.

In 1919, Leontius Kondratiev was arrested by Denikin and placed in the Rostov prison. Upon the occurrence of the red Army, white blew up the prison with the prisoners and the wife of Leontius said that he, apparently, died. However, the comrades on the eve of the explosion helped Kondratyev run.

Fighter of the First Cavalry, a member of the CID, the mechanic

Leonti Kondratiev fought in the First Cavalry, was wounded. For many years my wife and son thought he was dead. Timur Bartkowski, author of the book “Stay alive! The unknown pages of the great Patriotic war”, wrote that the Kondratiev injured after 5 years he served in the OGPU of the Rostov region. In Wikipedia there is mention that he took an active part in liquidatAI “Azov gang “Black cat”. However, documentary evidence of this fact of the biography of Leonty Kondratieff missing. Bartkowski says: before the great Patriotic hero of the Civil was discharged from the criminal investigation Department and he worked as a simple mechanic (and then master) on the Azov cooperage factory.

he accomplished the feat

the Biographer, Leontius Kondratyeva, Tatyana Fedorova, reported about the evacuation in 1942 of the enterprise Kondratiev in Sochi. And Fedorov, and Bartkowski confirm that the future brave petty officer, repeated the feat Matrosov, on the front for a long time did not take, although he persistently sought. The reason (“reservation”, received during the fighting in part of the First Cavalry wound) is not specified. It is only known that in the autumn of the same year, Sergeant Leontius Kondratyev already was part of the infantry division defending Tuapse.

According to the articles of Osovik, another biographer, Leontius Kondratyev, a feat made Sergeant in the fall of 1942 during the storming one of the heights of the village of Fanagoria (Krasnodar Krai). The attack of our troops prevented the enemy bunker, the garrison of which, as he wrote Osovik was the Nazis-penal.

During one of the attacks the foreman Kondratyev took the fighters, but the fire bunker had forced them to lay low. Then 50-year-old Sergeant, realizing that without the elimination of the weapon emplacements such an attack will be successful, decided to act independently and crawled to the bunker. Kondratiev was shot in the leg, but he continued to crawl. The Sergeant managed to throw a grenade, but Hitler’s gun not stopped. Kondratyev then one after another threw three grenades. The fire stopped. Our soldiers went on the attack.

the Sergeant, dropping the leg, went to the bunker. At this point, enemy machine gun again. Kondratyev then covered his muzzle with his body. Arrows the attacking divisions after a few minutes mastered the hand-to-hand bunker and killed its staff.

Leontios Kondratyev, four seriously wounded in the stomach and leg, miraculously survived. Four months he spent in the hospital.etale and returned to his native regiment. In March 1943 the Sergeant was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. But to receive the award Kondratiev did not — according to official data, less than a month after awarding it “missing”. His son after the war managed to find my father’s grave a few kilometers from Krymsk (a city in Krasnodar region) — Leontiy Kondratiev died in the battles for the liberation of one of the local villages. Tatyana Fedorova wrote that the wife of Leontius Kondratieff, who lived with her son all this time in the far East, learned that her husband is still alive only after the publication of the Decree on his award.

In Tuapse Azov and the name of Hero named streets (in Tuapse on the same street has its registered stele), in the 1960s Azov cooperage plant was given the name Leonty Kondratiev, on the premises that the bust is heroic countryman.

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