In volleyball, This EURO-exit will have a very difficult time getting to the Red Dragon: a very mixed performance in the quarter-final against al Oekraïneeindigde at the end of a great anti-climactic (2-3). The european CHAMPIONSHIPS in his own country’s past is still waiting for the hoped-for ambition, to reach the last eight and to get. In place of the revanchematch against Serbia and montenegro will be in the Red Dragons will now have to think about what went wrong.

“When it comes to marbles, it was not good enough for him.” The captain, Sam Deroo will take, and as always, no sheet before the mouth. But it will also have a personal thing against the Ukraine, in the image of the team: to be hit and miss. Without the injured hoofdaanvaller Hendrik Tuerlinckx, Belgium had a bit of time to get a new clutch to find out, and halfway through the second set, there were Red Dragons, all with their backs to the wall, but it is a miracle inhaaljacht led to the re-emergence of. Belgium came up and then 2-1 in the sets and watched the match from the hands of slip. At the end of gambled a coach Brecht Van Kerckhove badly by his captain, Deroo, on the other hand, Igor Grobelny. “I would have preferred that end to be decided, but I also have respect for the choices of the coach,” said Deroo. “In the fourth set, I was very, very bad, and I have to be honest.”

Your review of it, I can now hardly a positive name. Deroo: “In the group stage, we have a very good volley, but from the small stage, it was not good enough for him. Ukraine has a lot of good matches, with a little bit of all-or-nothing-volley-ball, but even then, we should have won. This is somewhat of an anticlimax. The beautiful crowd. If we are in the Ukraine should have beaten, and then eruitgaan against Serbia, we’d have european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and be successful, however, it is not a success.”

you may Also use a coach Brecht Van Kerckhove was deep, and after the unexpected shutdown, in the eighth-finals, said: “We need to recognize that the results are not good. Our goal was to topacht. In the second aim, we are successful in our promotion of volleyball in their country. The full house inside the Stadium it was lovely to see you.”