Science tells us that The 31-year-old, Greek-Eleni Antoniadou, was in the last few years in her home country and beyond, praised for her scientific work. She gained fame as a researcher for NASA, the astronautentrainer, expert in regenerative medicine, and is producer of innovative artificial organs in the body. Toy maker Mattel, mentioned, even a barbie doll is out of their range of ‘Sheroes’ for her. Members of the Greek academic world is set up now, however, Antoniadou, however, is very creative, omsprong the truth about her professional and academic achievements.

for years, give Eleni Antoniadou interviews in which they present themselves as the pre-eminent scientist with an impressive list of achievements. Greek media called her a “Greek, a scientist of international calibre”. Forbes Magazine placed her in their list of the most-successful and less-dertigjarigen the field of Health care. In 2013, she became the ” Woman of the Year’ at the Uk’s FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards. In 2012, she won the award for the best researcher of NASA, ESA, and she was the president of the European Health Parliament.And Mattel has created a Barbie doll modeled on the wife as part of their series of ‘Sheroes’, in honour of the sixtieth birthday of the Barbie doll.But no-one seems in the past few years, but they just made the effort to be out when the woman is indeed who she claimed to be.