The rebellion of captain Nahaeva: how Soviet students wanted to overthrow Stalin

History 06/02/20 Rebellion captain Nahaeva: how Soviet students wanted to overthrow Stalin

In August 1934 in Moscow, Soviet officer Artem Nechaev tried to stage an anti-government uprising. The main striking force Nechaev wanted to make cadets movement Osoaviakhim, armed with dummy rifles. The expected rebellion failed and the investigation began, which came to the conclusion that the threads of the plot are drawn from the Embassy of Estonia.

“Down with the old management!”

Since 1927 in the USSR, acted in the Society of assistance to defense, aviation and chemical construction, abbreviated as Osoaviakhim. At 8 a.m., 5 August 1934 at the location of the capital of the 2nd infantry regiment of the Moscow proletarian division arrived 200 cadets of the artillery battalion aviation society, who returned after the collection of the camp in the suburbs. The students were civilians and reservists and wore a uniform just for this session.

the Barracks were in the center of Moscow, near the Sukharevskaya square, the soldiers went to him all night. Hour no problem missed the convoy on the territory of the. But upon arrival no one went to rest. The battalion commander, staff officer of the red army and graduate of the Military Academy Artem Nechaev built of cadets on the parade ground and addressed them with a speech.

Nechaev called Osoaviakhim with arms in hand to oppose Stalin, who, in his opinion, usurped power and brought the country to poverty. The commander assured that the legacy of the October revolution lost, and the enterprise and the land of the people belong to the group of people. His speech Nechaev ended, leaving the call to start a new revolution and to topple the existing regime.

the Report Kaganovich

the Cadets osoaviahima were armed with dummy rifles, so Nechaev ordered them to break into the guards ‘ room and get the weapons of war, and after advancing to storm the Kremlin. According to one version, the soldiers did not listen to the distraught commander and themselves twisted it. On the other cadets tried to break into the guards ‘ room, but the soldiers of the regiment stopped the attack and arrested the rebel officers.

At this time Stalin was in Sochi state the country, and in Moscow his confidant was a member of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) Lazar Kaganovich. On the evening of August 5, Kaganovich informed Stalin about the city’s events and as if in passing, about the incident in the barracks of the Moscow proletarian division.

the Investigation was supervised by the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Genrikh Yagoda and his Deputy, Yakov agranov. Kaganovich wrote to Stalin: “Nechaev is a painful and lonely thirty-year man, burdened with numerous household problems and service instability”. The investigation claimed that the rebel was acting alone and in case of failure, was going to commit suicide by drinking poison, which was all he had on him.

He handed over the party ticket

a Private matter Artyom Nahaeva classified, but we know that he was born in 1903, he graduated from the artillery school, and in 1928 was discharged because of illness. The year before that he had willfully left the party, protesting against exclusion from the CPSU (b) Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and 70 prominent Bolsheviks. In those days, in fact the red army was sympathetic to Trotsky, who was considered the founder of the red Army, and disliked Stalin.

Unauthorized withdrawal from the party – mark, which is impossible to find a good job. Nechaev worked as a loader, worked on construction sites in Moscow and Odessa. However, he managed to get a teacher of military Sciences in Moscow Institute of physical culture, where he was appointed chief of staff of osoaviahima. He then graduated from the evening Department of the Military Academy of the red army. This indicated the presence of Nahaeva links at the top of the red Army.

Stalin the findings of the investigation of mental instability Artem Nahaeva not believe it and wrote to Kaganovich: “He is certainly not alone. Have to push him to the wall, forced to say – to tell the truth and then punish severely… He must be the agent of the Polish-German or Japanese. Selling the skins do not happen politvzglyadov – otherwise he would not be an agent of outside forces. He called on armed men to action against the government – so it must be destroyed. Apparently, Osoaviahima not all is well”.

Estonian spies

August 9, 1934, Kaganovich reported to Stalin in Sochi that the interrogations are difficult, but a member of the party control Nikolai Kuibyshev began checking osoaviahima. Three days later, Kaganovich reported that Stalin was right and rebel foreign agent. On August 28 it became known the name of his handler.

the Investigation revealed that the organizer of the performance and the mastermind of Artem Nechaeva was the employee of Institute of physical education and former tsarist General Leonid Bykov, who after the revolution moved to the side of the Bolsheviks and served in the red Army. Agranov, reported to Stalin that both the rebel – Estonian spies who got jobs through the Estonian Embassy.

At the end of 1934 Nechaev Artem and Leonid Bykov was shot. It is unknown were they real spies or the case was fabricated. Investigators believed Nahaeva desperate loner, however, when it intervened in the case of Stalin, he had an accomplice, a purpose to overthrow the Soviet government and collaborators of the Embassy of Estonia that sounded far-fetched and unrealistic for two ordinary citizens of the USSR.

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