Arms No1: how many people are killed each year from a Kalashnikov

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a Kalashnikov rifle, production of which began in the distant 1947, even in the twenty-first century remains one of the most effective murder weapons that have ever been known to mankind. Versatility, reliability and practicality – that’s its distinctive features. But most importantly — the device was so simple that you can cope with it can even children. It is they to this day perfectly demonstrate in conflicts around the world: in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

First of all — Chuck

the Decision on creation “the universal soldier” in the USSR, adopted in July 1943 at the meeting of the Technical Council of the people’s Commissariat of defense. The task before Soviet designers were set very specific: to develop such weapons, which the effectiveness of the fire will be comparable with sub-machine guns, and for lethality with rifles. However, for this first you need to obtain a cartridge intermediate in power.

the Starting point was the study of ammunition caliber 7,92х33 for prototype German gun StG-44 and 7 mm 62х33 for applicants under the lend-lease American carbine M1. After you understand the counterparts, Soviet scientists in a month after July meeting were able to provide first samples, and by the autumn the designers Nikolai Elizarov and Boris Semin is to develop a 7,62 mm cartridge. Then, the result of some improvements, their offspring changed the caliber to 7 62х41 mm 7. 62×39 mm, after which it was accepted into service and named “the single intermediate cartridge”.

Through the thorns to the production

a competition for the development of weapons under the new cartridge was announced in November 1943. It was originally planned that the new munitions will be used in the submachine gun, hand gun and semi-automatic non-automaticm carbine – to simplify the supply troops. However, the Soviet leadership later, this concept was abandoned in favor of the automatic carbine, which later received the name “automatic”.

the Conditional winner of the first selection was as-44, developed by Alexios Agaevym. Conditional – because no one involved in the contest samples are not fully complied with the established in the technical specification requirements. But the machine is bolt carrier tilt on test results was recognized as the best available, and therefore were selected for further consideration.

in the Fall of 1946 it was decided to hold a new round of tests, in which participated the project of Mikhail Kalashnikov. The selection Committee considered him not ready, but Kalashnikov didn’t give up. It was worth the effort to get permission to fine-tuning the machine, after receiving which he introduced have essentially a new weapon that contains a lot of borrowing: presumably, from Bulkin automatic rifle of Holck and the same as-44. However, this military was ready to close my eyes just to get a better sample.

Close the eyes to the army leadership eventually had to other things. So, redesigned the Kalashnikov rifle proved to be reliable, but the accuracy of his shooting left much to be desired. His competitor – the machine Bulkin – group, conversely, had no problems, but a lot of the criticism was to the reliability.

To faster, and in real terms, to equip the army with modern weapons, the Commission eventually made a choice in favor of AK, bringing it accuracy to required values, it was decided to postpone. In 1949, according to test results, the Soviet troops received two versions of the device: renumbered as “7.62 mm Kalashnikov” (AK) and “7.62 mm Kalashnikov assault rifle with folding butt” (ACN). And after ten years adopted adopted the “7.62 mm Kalashnikov modernized (AKM)” – improved version in which the designers took into account received complaints of failures of the weapon in extreme conditionsx, improved accuracy and added able abutting the bayonet. Moreover, thanks to the new solution was simplified production of the device, reduced its weight and, importantly, the cost.

Vietnam will show

It is these two variations of the AK and AKM – have become extremely popular and are still used in modern conflicts. This is partly due to the widest spread in the third world, intermediate cartridge 7. 62×39 mm, but most of the technical capabilities of this weapon.

the Kalashnikov features a relatively light weight – only 4.3 pounds and simple design, which ensured its reliability. This is clearly demonstrated by the war in Vietnam. “Kalash” was widely used by soldiers of the North Vietnamese army and successfully cope with the characteristic of the region with moisture – if water gets in the barrel it can be easy to shake, and the mechanisms of the gun has not deteriorated because of the dampness.

At the same time, American soldiers recommended 3-5 times a day to clean their rifles M-16, and to do it indoors to avoid dust and dirt and loss of small parts. It was then revealed that the presence of hundreds of moving parts, held together by dozens of bolts — perhaps the main drawback of the “American.” In AK, for comparison, only about 95 parts, of which 10 are considered major.

the Category “100+”

By some estimates, 10 years ago the number of Kalashnikovs of different modifications ranged from 70 to 100 million units. This weapon became the most popular on the planet and ended up in the “Guinness Book of records”. However, it is quite possible that these estimates are far from reality.

the Prevalence of AK is very difficult to assess due to the fact that its production – legal, semi-legal and completely illegal – quickly gained momentum. Only in the 1950s, the USSR gave a license to manufacture automatic 18 partner countries in the Warsaw bloc. Many of them continue to release, even though the Statute permits have long expired, and opened filiary in other countries. Also, according to some estimates, about 12 States had begun production of AK’s without permission. Bred and “handicraft factory”, where weapons are made just on the knee.

Kalashnikov copied, changed insignificantly and then again copied. As a result, you can now find devices made in almost all parts of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe and even America. All this greatly complicates the calculation of the actual number of AK.

the Price of fame

According to various estimates, in the circumstances, of course, approximate – the share of Kalashnikov rifles and their copies accounts for about 20 percent of the total available on the planet of small arms. Your “Kalash”, for sure, there are terrorists, warring in the middle East, rebels fighting against the usurpers in Africa and even the gangs of blacks involved in drug trafficking in the United States. And it is clear that such popularity has its consequences.

According to estimates by the UN office on drugs and crime, in 2015, was committed no less than 327 thousand homicides. The data for this year – the most comprehensive, but they do not take into account such countries as Angola, Egypt, Central African Republic, Uganda and others. Information out of the United Nations was simply unable to, so the actual number of killings could be considerably higher, especially if you focus on information for other years. In the same Uganda had previously made at least four thousand murders a year in other countries – not less than a thousand. So the real number of violent deaths may reach 400, and 500 thousand.

thus, according to the journalist The Telegraph, Colin Freeman, annually from a Kalashnikov to kill 250 thousand people. It is possible that at least half of all deaths – including wars, conflicts and terrorist attacks.

However, you can make another assumption. If we accept the hypothesis correct that the murders are evenly distributed on the weapon and on AndTo have a valid share in a fifth, at best they account for “only” 20 percent — i.e. every fifth. That is still a lot.

it is hoped that these calculations will always be approximate, and the Kalashnikov automatic rifle and will be used for the purpose, that only in war.

Ivan Resepi

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