In Knokke-Heist, belgium is The owner of the Snookersaloon at Alfred Verweeplein hotel the greatness of 2,500 euros for the golden tip that will lead to the perpetrators of a serious break-in Wednesday night. In addition, examples of the thieves by a light from above, within, and moving them to the vault off of the wall. “And I had to split another piece of 2.500 euro, to the people who are my tipformulier have to be filled in. I am convinced that we are the perpetrators of such can be found,” says Manu. Wasnaire (36).

The break-in happened Wednesday night, between 4.15 pm and 5.15 pm. “They should have waited until after business hours to take phone. The kuisploeg observed for an hour after the closing time, the skylight was open. There was a bar at the bottom moved to the pool table. For example, they are so touched through the roof, and a skylight. They are in the room entered where the safe was. They are with brute force through the wall again. Furthermore, they don’t have anything touched or stolen. They knew exactly why they were here,” says the manager of Manu. In the laboratory, and the investigation came on Thursday morning a visit to The ‘Snooker’ – this is the case, in popular language, for the study.