Europa League-46.250-euro fine, a stand 1, which is partly closed, and Sinan Bolat, who are three European matches on the strafbankje to do it. Antwerp has its penalty, for it is going on in the thuisduel at the right.

Antwerp hotel has its punishment, for the riot at the King baudouin stadium in a Europa League match against AZ. The post explains The Great difficulty and a fine of 46.250, euro. In addition, there will be in the next European home game at least 5,000 seats will be concluded in the Stand 1 of the Season if the next season will be compliant with UEFA standards. The number one will be to place a sign with the words ” #EqualGame’ to hang out.

you will Also get Sinan Bolat is a heavy penalty: in the champions league for three European matches, suspended because he’s a referee Sidiropoulos threatened.

Antwerp was taken by the UEFA official charged with the throwing of objects, and the use of fireworks displays, graphic banners, blocked the stairs, disturbances by the fans, and the improper conduct of the team.