Celebrities, ‘the Joker’-an actor of Joaquin Phoenix (44), it was just during the show, Jimmy, Kimmel, embarrassed, as the presenter, to him, a cutscene showed me that the actor is an employee on the rig and the skin is full of hassles. Phoenix has had it’s clip have not yet seen it, and was ashamed of himself for his behavior. The mood dropped to below zero, in the studio, and it fell to the audience that Jimmy and Joaquin each other and did not seem to be. But he is far from being the only one talkshowhost, which is not by one door, may be with some celebrities. David Letterman (72) in united states. Oprah Winfrey (65)

It is often considered to be one of the greatest American television ever, but it was Oprah Winfrey, not to welcome with David Letterman. The two sat for more than 25 years, is in a feud involved. The quarrel started in the 80’s, when Winfrey on ‘The Late Show’ appeared, and, later, an unlikely, awkward experience it was.

David Letterman was on the rise, and it began as a response to her remark Can you try to make it into the show. He swore to her never to invite them, whereas Oprah Winfrey, the roles are turned around: it was loud and clear, knowing that they will never have to be a guest wílde in a show, with David Letterman, as presented. In the meantime, the two have their differences will be settled.