Belgian football competition, with The possible establishment of a BeNeLiga has been a major topic of discussion in voetbalpodcast of the associations. Noteworthy: it took a number of Dutch journalists, the idea of a joint contest with the ground. “They can do it even in their own land, and not a bit of good.”

The Belgians would suddenly be quite happy to be with us in the south”, he cut off the host, Arno, Followed it to the topic of. DUTCH journalist Jeroen Elshoff was almost impossible not to climb to the right, to make it clear, not to be won for the idea. “I’m not only tired, but even sick, he said. “When I was in high school, came out, it was all about the BeNeLiga. How long has it been since that scandal (Operation Clean Hands, ed.). at the top, made in Belgium. They can do it even in their own country, not a bit of good. And then there’s still the stadium with each other. I am verdrietigvan, and I am sure that this will never happen again.” After that it is on the basis of the image of the co-operation. “I would definitely do it if I were them, the whole of the Premier league are in, don’t let yourself fall.”

Elshoff was given an ovation. “I see that this is not a sit down,” said a colleague of Frank Snoeks. “We have a wonderful league with 18 clubs, that is, you need to keep. It should be, you don’t want to, it’s the failure of your own firm. Heerenveen against Standard Luik? Then, you will see prefer to of Heerenveen at Groningen, the netherlands.”

“Said he was now against the Belgians, and that it does not go through? Because they are only planning to remember”, featuring host Arno, Followed it to the last word.