Greetings from the refreshing Havel in Berlin! Christian Schmidt, 45, works in the advertising industry and lives in Berlin-Hohengatow. He is involved in the cultural association “Kladower Forum” and is a member of the Gatow rowing club Collegia: Here he talks about his club, gastro dreams, New York and a festival that does not yet exist in Gatow. As always, the interview first appeared in the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau. The newsletter is available in full length and for each Berlin district at

Dear Christian Schmidt, where am I catching you? “On the go. I want to go in the rowing boat today.”

How often are you on the Havel? “Oh, that works. I’ve been with the club for 12 years, 10 of those as event manager, but I want to train a little more often now. Why am I rowing at all? Motor boats were too loud for me, I’m too dopey for sailing, I liked rowing. But that’s not as easy as you might think as a layman: coordination, rhythm, roll seat…all at the same time! My goal now is the helmsman’s diploma.”

You are a member of the Collegia rowing club… “…the readers may know it by sight: just to the left of the Gatow fire station.”

You recently told me that there are ideas to reactivate a small restaurant on the club premises. “Yeah, downstairs overlooking the water where the big swings are. We used to have a small, internal club pub, but after consultation with the district, a new tenant is also allowed to open to the public. We are currently looking for him and are in contact with interested parties from Kladow and Gatow.”

Go crazy! “I dream of a garden bar where club members and walkers can sit and talk. Where you might be able to get beer and herring for 12.80, where you can enjoy the view of the Grunewald and the tranquility of the Havel in the evening – when one of those noisy motor boats isn’t rushing by.”

What kind of association is Collegia? “Everyone says ‘special,’ right? Mmm, what makes us different? What I like: We said goodbye to tough competitive sports and opened it up to others. It’s not so strict, so tightly scheduled, we offer recreational rowing here on a beautiful club site. And the numbers are right: We are getting more members, despite Corona! We are now 170 athletes, including the children and young people. And we’ve had a women’s department for over 100 years anyway. If you want, you are welcome to come around and get to know our club. We also still have places available in the holiday camp.”

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The town hall reads along: 3 things you wish for Hohengatow. First? “A small shop – unfortunately there is nothing here except for restaurants.”

Secondly? “Secondly, I wish for better cycle paths in the village of Gatow: We have been welcoming the idea of ​​moving the Havel cycle path through the Buchwaldzeile for some time.”

And thirdly? “I see so many people driving through the streets here in SUVs: I would like to get to know many faces. I would love a district festival here in Gatow. Something like that is still missing here.”

Best place in Gatow? “Down at the Große Badewiese, where the Havel makes a slight bend: the view of the Grunewald Tower – I like that.”

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