Sometimes the small, fine Berlin holiday program is so close. And if a shop like “Fisch Frank” has been in the old town of Berlin-Spandau since 2009, then it must be able to do something, right? Well then: Moin.

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The most important thing: The boss’s name isn’t Frank at all, but Olaf Pelz (“Fish Frank sounds better than Fish Olaf”), but the man is a real North German (“from Flensburg”). Today he lives in Staaken.

Pelz used to go to sea, he once told the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Spandau, moved to Berlin in the 80s, worked in the star kitchen of the “Hotel Berlin” on Lützowplatz and built three fish shops with his cousin.

The one in Spandau is still there – and it brings a North Sea mood. Just imagine the pigeons as white, then with a little imagination they are fat, lazy seagulls.

What’s behind the gills? North Sea food! For example: skipper’s breakfast with Büsumer North Sea shrimps, Hallig bread with shrimps and fried eggs (each 16 euros) or the fillet plate with prawns and garlic for 21 euros. I also found the Flensburg fish soup to be rich. In addition: for example, a Flens for 3 euros (pilsner or dark), the dry Bordeaux is available for 6 euros a glass. And afterwards for the folklore: coastal fog 2.50 euros. It’s just not as busy as Gosch on Sylt.

Extra point: The people behind the counter are also really nice. Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you are looking for even more North Sea mood in Spandau, you can have a look here: Have fun on the excursion.

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