The Premier League’s Ultimate destruction. Forfaitscore on the scoreboard after 18 minutes. Rarely seen before. Manchester City showed against Watford. As a Belgian, put on the line. His crosses from the right side and you get a nice compilation to make it. With a strong push in the first minute against Watford was the right one for his tenth assist for club and country. After a rest, followed the track, but maybe not. Under the penalty of double figures, Kevin De Bruyne, in front of my desk. The lock is picked, he is still his goal to join (8-0). With a stroke.

There’s only one team on the field. In a match with the figures on them. Routineklus. Also, De Bruyne does have a role to play in the pocket. Ball to Silva, who paved the way. Agüero, Mahrez, Who, Otamendi et co. did, afterwards, for the rest of us. From the top of the bank, and saw the Christian Kabasele, it also has to be done. The parking brake of the City went up, after about 20 minutes, it was Watford live end. After the rest, did, in the department of foreign affairs there was the icing on the cake. Bernardo Silva has completed a proposal from De Bruyne are the players, the Red Devil, set themselves 8-0 on the board with a bar in the corner. City struck three times in the doelhout. Not to say the Demonstration. Architect and earned an ovation.