The Style of The Italian fashion house Max Mara was, in his own words, the first of which, ‘the camel coat’ for women, the cashmere and the wool, and the putinosteek’ that has been used for mannenblazers. The 101801 jacket grew with the passage of time, a true icon, and by 2017 there will be a South Korea-even an exhibition, all over the place. For those who have no monthly income to spend on a jacket, we were looking for a number of cost-effective solutions.

The camel coat during the runway shows for the fall 2019-2020 to see it in a lot of collections, a striking, since the design is already in 1981, it was set up by the French designer Anne-Marie Beretta, who was then at the head of the Max Mara. The classic was only sold to men and it is made of coarse camel’s hair, and while the 101801 wool and/or cashmere, or a mixture of the 3 threads you created.

ever Since he made the jacket each and every fall as part of the winkelcollectie, where there is also a new variant came out. In 2013, for example, a copy of which was made out of the most popular teddystof, and who are all themselves in some kind of cult status it acquired. Or Manuela, who, in 1998, came out, and a bit more elegant due to the belt.

“The camel coat for Max Mara, is actually the beginning of it all. And we’ve never stopped doing it. The Camel is an alternative to black or grey to fit with all styles and colours, and everyone else,” said Laura Lusuardi, Max Mara, there was previously in the in the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine.

See in the picture.