Than Lenin's brain was surprised by Soviet scientists

History 17/02/20 Than Lenin’s brain was surprised by Soviet scientists

a Fatal illness of Lenin still is an Enigma. In the absence of official information, still behind seven seals, bloom all sorts of sensational rumors. They are even more fueled by the equally vague and unverified information about research on the brain of Lenin, who allegedly held still.

Atherosclerosis, syphilis, poisoning, genetic disease or something?

In 1921 the leader of the world proletariat showed symptoms of a strange and severe illness of the Central nervous system. From time to time he began to disrupt thinking, speech and motor functions, was limbs failed, and he suffered from nightmares and delirium. These attacks were frequent, and by the end of 1922, Lenin became incapacitated, with the exception of brief periods of enlightenment. In 1923 he was almost continuously in the Hills under the supervision of doctors and caring wife and virtually led the party and the country.

Lenin treated the luminaries of medical science from Russia and Germany, but they did not come to a final conclusion about the nature of his illness. The official version of death is a stroke. Bleeding in the brain was, but it occurred against the backdrop of long-standing chronic diseases, which continue to argue. In white emigre press were allegations that Lenin’s brain was corroded chronic syphilis, and in the early 1990-ies these stories were picked up in a disintegrating Soviet Union. It is curious that in the treatment course prescribed by Lenin, were the drugs of syphilis, and the people’s Commissar of health N. And. Semashko was forbidden to mention in the official report of Lenin’s death, even the denial of the existence of syphilis, in order not to give no occasion to the enemy propaganda.

there have been versions about the chronic and deliberate poisoning of Lenin. In all Soviet school textbooks insisted that Fanny Kaplan 1918 year Lenin was wounded by two poisoned bullets. In some books and articles it is argued that Lenin was poisoned by lead from bullets. A restructuring began to write that he was poisoned by Stalin. Such inconsistency makes us think that the version about the poisoning is a fake.

Lenin’s Father died around the same age from a brain hemorrhage. This gives reason to assume that Lenin was struck by some kind of hereditary disease. However, there is no evidence that Ilya Ulyanov was sick in the last years of his life as well as his son Vladimir.

the Little brain of the “genius of mankind”

When, after the leader’s death, his brain was removed for study, he was surprised. The internal carotid artery were so caked that it was possible to knock tweezers. Like confirmed the diagnosis of atherosclerosis of brain vessels, leading to stroke. At the same time, a significant part of the brain was destroyed, that could be construed as bacterial or viral infection. In some articles it is still asserted that the healthy part of the extracted Lenin’s brain was not larger than a walnut, but this is a clear exaggeration. However, the doctors who conducted the study, was surprised that Lenin could have some time to live with is so sick brain and even from time to time to come to consciousness and look adequate.

the Bolshevik Leaders were interested in creating legends about sverhgenialnym Lenin and was going to use to justify its entire Arsenal of modern science. In addition, they hoped that the study of Lenin’s brain will help in the future to grow like him of supermen who will lead the world proletariat to communism. Then after the Bolsheviks (later the Nazis) was very fond of eugenics is a questionable science about the possibility of breeding superior breeds of people.

the Task was complicated by the fact that the volume of the cranium Lenin was less than the average, and even in the healthy state of his brain would weigh not more than 1340 grams. Although it was long known that outstanding people are and with a little brain (for example, the writer Anatole France’s brain weighed a little more than 1000 grams – as the average Pithecanthropus), but it did not fit in the myth of the leader. To help was called German scientist, a social Democrat Oskar Vogt.

“brain Institute”

“Under Vogt” in Moscow in 1925 was organized by the Institute of the brain. German neurologist using a specially designed tool cut the brain more than 30 thousand pieces and carefully studied (the good high salary were paid regularly) for three years. In 1927 he published the results of a study in which it was declared that Lenin’s brain had some unique features the cellular structure, which led to his genius. As recognized by almost all scientists, this statement had no scientific value and was just a publicity stunt.

Then the fun begins. The idea is that Lenin’s brain must now be kept by the successor of the Institute of brain research Department of brain Research center of neurology RAMS. They say there is preserved and studied the brains of many of our outstanding compatriots – from Vladimir Mayakovsky to Andrei Sakharov. But the work of the Institute, after a brief period of relative openness in the early 1990s, is now again classified as in the Soviet period.

Sometimes appear questionable reliability of the publication that most of the exhibits of the Pantheon (informally called the vault of the brain Institute) was lost after 2004, when due to lack of funding of the research had to stop. The brains of prominent people (and possibly Lenin) was supposedly in one of the abandoned buildings of the Institute. There arose a natural bomzhatnik, almost all the exhibits were damaged, and only in 2014 when rumor about poisoning the remaining derelict building, chemical reagents, it was boarded up by order of the Ministry. While this rumor has not denied, and the brains of Soviet leaders Institute no one shows.

Oskar Vogt returned from the Counciltion of Russia in Germany in the 1930s. According to some information, he took with him the part of the brain of Lenin to further research. They were placed in the Institute of brain research of the Kaiser Wilhelm I in Berlin. But it soon became a nuisance – to power in Germany the Nazis came, and fragments of Lenin’s brain was in their hands. Sam Vogt for his social-democratic past was dismissed from this Institute in 1936. According to the version of the Belgian journalists Bogert L. van and A. Dewolf, the Berlin operation in April 1945, was taken by Soviet troops in order to seize Lenin’s brain before he will be able to get Americans. After that Lenin’s brain was alleged at the time put on public display in Lenin’s Mausoleum (which is not confirmed by other sources), and then again placed in the Moscow brain Institute.

Yaroslav Butakov

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