Royalty-Meghan Markle (38) in the last few months are not easy at all. That is known to be the wife of prince Harry’s documentary film ” Harry & Meghan: An African Journey’, which has just been broadcast ‘Telefacts’ on the VTMen now it is on tv GO. Under the enormous pressure of the outside of the royal life, to come and see the play, the Duchess of Sussex, issue. Something that her friends are in advance, however we had been warned, for example, Markle candid in the documentary.

for example, If Meghan Markle in “Harry & Meghan:” An African Journey ” is asked for in the past year, alslid of the British royal family have to be describe, they must be searching for the right words.“It’s hard,” she begins diplomatic. “I don’t think that anyone can understand it. And, in all honesty, I don’t have a clue.”Even though life as a royal, and for many, it is an unreachable dream it remains, it was Meghans a reality when she was with prince Harry at the south stepped up. Since that time, with the frequency of the clock under fire in the tabloids: the price tag of $ 2.6 million for the renovation of their homes, the breaking of ties with her father, Thomas, and the rest of her family, to comment on the use of a private jet, and the alleged feud between her and Kate Middleton. It seems that the Markle almost all of them will be put to the sword by the media and the British public.

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Markles circle of friends, and saw it all happen and kept it’s breath. “It sounds like now it may be hard to believe, but when I got to my husband only got to know my Amerikaansevrienden happy because I was happy. Terwijlmijn friends to me warned me: “I am sure of is that Harry is great, but don’t do it. The British tabloids will make of your life is destroyed.’” Meghan was in her own words, “very naive.” “Because I’m an American, and we have to have these tabloids are not.I was like, ‘what are you talking about? That doesn’t make sense, I’m not in the tabloids.’ I get it when it is not. So, yes, it’s very complicated for me.”

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It is up to Meghan and sometimes a hell of a job to get one’s head above water. “It’s not enough to just survive,” she says, over the question of whether they are in this life, but it can keep this up. “It’s not the end of life. You have to see it and be happy. And therefore, I try to be the British ‘stiff upper lip’mentality (in which a person, firm and emotionless in the face adversity, ed.). to to to to take. I’m trying to do, really.However, I do think, however, that, whatever, that inner person is doing, is very very damaging it is. I had no idea that this was going to be easy. However, I thought that it would be fair.”

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