The town and The public prosecutor ” s office of East-Flanders, belgium on Wednesday, a reconstruction is taken to the severe traffic accident on the Road (N8) in Lierde, with a pedestrian under the car of the mayor of the Town was in the path. In the reconstruction, there was, as in the versions of the concerned about the differences.

The court wanted to go with the reconstruction, and to determine the conditions under which a man and 35 years old, from the Town of the car, the Hotels, the mayor De Devleeschouwer has happened since then in the direction of the Town ahead.

The particular accident occurred on the 18th of april last year. That evening, the Hotels, the mayor De Devleeschouwer, and a 35-year-old man from the Town each of them with the car on the N8 in the direction of the Town.Between the two directors, and a dispute arose, which ended in an accident a few hundred meters beyond the train station of Sint-Martens-Lierde.

There has been a 35-year-old Brakelaar out of his car, and left the house. In the middle of the road, he is scooped up by the approaching car of the mayor.Who have made a positive breath test decreased. The incident had political implications: Devleeschouwer took a temporary step back. But he was certainly no admission of guilt in it.

the court, in a reconstruction, and arranges an accident, it is quite rare. In this case, they are chosen because of the technical observations following the chernobyl accident, and the testimony of witnesses, and the users of the inconsistencies and doubts have been raised about the circumstances of the crash.

The Materse lawyer, Hugo, Vyls, counsel on behalf of the Hotels, the mayor, argues that his client’s uitgestapte driver was able to escape, because that is the right to his car, which was ready for him to stop. “My client felt that the man threatened and tried to get away, but that didn’t work out. The man was in his car on the road and parked, and jumped out, at the time, my client was hit by a car. It was an accident, not to avoid it”, puts it, Vyls, the release of the Hotels organisation.

a Car drove over the victim

About the crash itself, the counterparty of the Devleeschouwer not. “My client has from the accident, including a fractured skull suffered four days in a coma, is situated, and does not remember anything about the accident,” said his lawyer and He a Doctor. “However, there have been statements made by other witnesses, the mayor, disagree. It is not true that the car of the mayor of the ride was when my client is on the street: the car had even stopped. After that, he was at very low speed is gone. In addition, my client’s get hit by a car. He was, after the crash, facing backwards, on his head, the car, the mayor arrived and after that we had a group of fifteen meters, carried. Why is that, do not come to an immediate stop, when my client was hit by a car”, asked the Doctor to himself.

The reconstruction work has nearly five hours of time. All this time, the nokia N8 is closed for all traffic.

the Pebbles out of the shoe

Mayor De Devleeschouwer itself, would not comment on the contents of the file. “It was a very tough day, but the same goes for each and every person. However, the reconstruction is the next step in this research. It takes a pebble out of the shoe, as it has already been eighteen months of difficult steps. However, I have all the confidence in the research, decision, Devleeschouwer.