In Kortrijk There is a vechtfilmpje turned up to see the young people in the fist with the other. This time, the fights take place in the railway station of Kortrijk. The events are on Monday after school hours, the police arrived at the scene.

This short film was made by the Vlaams belang in Kortrijk on their Facebook page. The facts came to an end on Monday evening at about 16: 15 after school. The two groups of minors to fight in a conflict in the train station of Kortrijk, at the height of the shed, along with the Minister of Tacklaan. None of the young people injured. “We are aware of the facts, and Monday, on-the-spot has been,” says Thomas, Detavernier of the police zone Vlas. “The people involved are known to us, and we are in the process of the case.”

According to an anonymous informer, of the Vlaams belang goes to the students of a school in Kortrijk, and it is in the direction of the height, but to seize them, to think much of it. “Indeed, We are at the height of the film, and there are more than likely to also be the students of our school involved,” said the director-general. “If it is true that the facts of the aggression, the effect on the school and disrupt it, then we’ll be sure to do not fail to take action. I understand that the police are working on it, and I don’t think that it is best that the police have their job to do so. This can, in any case, never be tolerated.”