Anderlecht, He moést to play in Beerschot, even though he knew it was a lot of risk involved. But Kompany wanted to be in the forefront in the battle. The 25 minutes of his performance on the Keel. When it relapsed, he is an offensive action in dijblessure.

Kompany pulled up to the club, to be cared for, but also to have a debrief of the match against Beerschot with a part of his staff. The severity of the injury, this could and it is not at all obsolete but the new one is due to injury, it would have been far less than that of the first. It is expected that Kompany for two-to-three weeks, at the end will be. He’s missing so it’s definitely in the game against Beveren and Charleroi, but also in the international matches against San Marino (10 October) and Kazakhstan (October 13).