Pigs in the forest: as one of the most beautiful places of Novosibirsk turned into a huge miles dump

Coronavirus forced the city’s residents to remember that the city has its sea, beaches and forests. People began to go on nature and leave piles of garbage. It dumped in the bushes, under trees and even hang on the branches. Environmental police in Novosibirsk, and the authorities did not have time to clean up the garbage mountain. A supporter of careful attitude to nature Elizabeth hyles shown and described, as the townspeople had turned the forest into a dump by the example of one forest. Published her column.

Athens is not very beautiful city. Most of the buildings are ugly, the roads are broken and dirty, the air dust and soot, and occasionally the stench from pig farms, everywhere shops and kiosks, a La the 90s, fences siding and much more pleasing to the eye.