Little life: as a woman with a deadly disease lives with her daughter in eight square meters

When I hear such stories, I always think that it can’t be true, that perhaps someone did not understand and interpreted the next official document not entirely true. After all, can not drive on the street two sick women with disabilities with serious diseases? It has appeared, can. In December 2020 expires, the contract for accommodation in a municipal hostel in 71-year-old Alla Orlova and her adult daughter. In the mayor’s office said that the rent of a tiny room with an area of 7.8 square meter will not be renewed. And to leave women nowhere: as citizens of Russia they came back from Kazakhstan, and their homes and family they have here. Correspondent NGS Ilya Kalinin met with Alla Orlova, who recently lives with the idea that in a few months, she and her daughter will be on the street.