Sniper Vladimir Yakut: the main mystery of the First Chechen war

Heroes 30/01/20 Public domainСнайпер Volodya Yakut: the main mystery of the First Chechen war

In any war, there are their legends. When I think about the fighting in Grozny during the First Chechen, tell us about Volodya the Yakut – sniper-evince from the taiga, which for two months have destroyed 362 fighter. Where did modern Vassili Zaitsev?

In the midst of the First Chechen war during the fierce fighting in Grozny 8 the commander of the guards corps, General Lev Rokhlin reported that his staff is asking some strange guy, and even with an old rifle. The strange guy turned out to be Evenk Vladimir Maksimovich Kolotov from the distant Yakut Iengra. He was wearing a hunting coat and a carbine Mosin model 1891, German sniper scope WWII, a passport and a certificate from the recruiting office.

Vladimir has told that in Grozny he made it himself. Once he saw on television footage from Chechnya: a ruined city, dead Russian soldiers. Then he took a carbine Mosin, which is still his father, and before that, and grandfather went into the forest fur-bearing animals, and went to 8 case “good General”. Evenk said that in the road he faced considerable difficulties: he tried to stop, to return home, but everywhere he was rescued by the help of the military Commissar that Vladimir goes to war as a volunteer.

General Rokhlin was very surprised story II: in 1995, it was not easy to find someone who willingly went to hell, the terrible. The shooter got the position of the sniper, and due to the standard Dragunov, it Evenk refused, saying that native “mosinka” it will be more convenient.

it is Known that the snipers in modern warfare not working in isolation: usually “works” a group that helps spotters, observers. Kolotova did not fit this format, he went on the hunt for the militants. Evenk asked only to military Rotvetchika times a day in an agreed hiding place left for him food, water and ammunition for the rifle, and he began to prepare the ambush “the beast”.

the Russian radio operators was the opportunity to regularly listen to the radio conversations of militants. Of these, the command learned how scary the power turned eighteen-year-old hunter from Yakutia: the square Minute he daily “shot” at fifteen, twenty and even thirty fighters. The sniper was a typical “handwriting” — all the victims were killed with a precise eye, as if the hunter wanted to keep intact a valuable animal fur. The successes of Vladimir, Yakutia, as it was called in Federal troops, deprived of sleep Chechen commanders, because the arrows struck their targets, even at night.

Tell that his head Volodya was appointed valuable rewards: Aslan Maskhadov promised Evenk killed thirty thousand dollars, and Shamil Basayev – the star of the Hero of Chechnya. The shooter chased a group of militants, who found “rookeries” hunter, put the stretch. Despite the promise of generous prizes, the game always won Volodya Yakut, leaving all the hunters out for his head with a neat bullet hole in the eye.

in order to destroy lucky Russian out firearms training of rebels called the master of the Arab Abubakar. He became famous as a good sniper in Afghanistan, which came on the instructions of Pakistani intelligence. Now the Abubakar had to hunt for Volodya Yakut in the ruins of Grozny with a powerful rifle, made to order in the 1970s. Soon, the Arabs managed to track down the Russian shooter. Volodya was wounded, but not fatally: shot in the arm. Evenk decided to stop hunting for militants to rebel commanders believe that he was killed.

While “mosinka” Volodya was silent, he carefully tracked Abubakar. Masters of disguise, and street fighting have failed little weakness: in the 1980s, Arab shooter addicted to Smoking light drugs, and now, even in cold Grozny could not deny myself in this box.tvii. That is the easy smoke cigarettes Vladimir Kolotov determined where the “rookery” Abubakar. When Tom had to leave the shelter, Kolotov with the same precision he laid the enemy’s eyes.

to save the body of the mercenary commanders of the rebels were sent several militant groups, however, all sixteen militants were killed on the spot of the famous bolotovskogo carbine. Thus ended the duel, in its glow and the surroundings reminiscent of the confrontation between Vassili Zaitsev and standartenfuhrer SS Heinz Thorwald in Stalingrad in late 1942.

the next day, after the duel with Abubakar Volodya was a Yakut from Gen. There he said that two-month period for which it released the Commissar has come and gone, and now he needs to go home. General, and having heard about the victories, Volodya asked how many “animals” destroyed the hunter. Evenk said that in less than two months he managed to kill 362 fighter.

this figure ends the main part of the legend about Vladimir Yakutia. Urban legend, as they are called, were to appear in this difficult time, when it was difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong. No evidence that eventscope sniper Vladimir Maksimovich Kolotov existed actually, no: the pictures show other people, and in reports and dispatches the sniper does not appear neither under this nor under “code” name. The legend continues information that returnees Vladimir Kolotov refused to wear the Order of Courage, continued to engage in fur trade and grieved at the death of General Rokhlin, who was killed in July 1998.

the Story of Volodya the Yakut is usually done by the early 2000s, when he was killed in a fishery is unknown, allegedly bought the Russian special services have information about his whereabouts. Others argue that Vladimir Kolotov did not become a victim of assassins, and I was honored to meet President Dmitry Medvedev in 2009, handing the head of state gifts from his people. In confirmation of this version even cause the personnel of the delegation from Yakutia, however, this can hardly be considered reliable evidence.

Much of the legend of Vladimir the Yakut may be questionable: for example, how armed combat rifle man could get from Yakutia to the terrible, and then asked for leave from the army and returned safely home? Yes, and the details of his confrontation with Abubakar very much like the fight and Torvald Zaitsev in Stalingrad.

it was Vladimir Yakut actually, or not where he went, hard to say. One thing is certain: in the 1994-1995 year was people who are ready to courageously protect the peace of their country. The legend of Vladimir the Yakut about them.

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