Slava Kurilov: what happened to the most desperate escapee from the USSR

Biography 30/01/20 Slava Kurilov: what happened to the most desperate escapee from the USSR

Stanislav Kurilov can be called one of the most desperate Soviet defectors. Almost three days Kurilovo managed to swim across the distance of hundreds of kilometers. Oceanographer realized his dream after moving abroad. That’s just the water with which Kurilov always on you, in the end his undoing.

“Unreliable” oceanographer

Since childhood Stanislav Kurilov literally raved about the seas and oceans. According to the recollections of relatives, even the first word, which said the boy was “water”. But Stanislaw’s mother was opposed to his son’s Hobbies swimming, if you felt that once swallowed him forever. So the swim Kurilov learned secretly from parents in a camp. Since then he has not parted with his dream for a minute. However, this seemingly banal goal proved to be unattainable Kurilova: the Covenant Navy he was not taken because of the view. Had to settle for meteorological University.
Having graduated oceanographer, Stanislav Kurilov was planning to become a world expert in this scientific field. But it was the necessary contacts with foreign colleagues. And obtaining an exit visa Kurilovo not count his sister lived in Canada, but because the scientist was considered “unreliable”. Having lost all hope of legal immigration, Stanislav Kurilov decided to run.

Jump into the abyss

In 1974, the destiny itself prompted Kurilovo output. In December from Vladivostok had to move the ship “Soviet Union” and, proceeding to the line of the equator, to go back. This cruise was specially organised for Soviet citizens, eager to go abroad. That’s just according to the plan, none of the passengers could not come out in any port liner did not come close to foreign shores. But for this trip does not require any visas. This and useXia Kurilov.
Deep in the night completely unnoticed Stanislav Kurilov jumped from the ship into the water. According to the Kurilov, who later wrote an autobiographical book, “One in the ocean: the story of an escape”, he could die even when you jump. The fact that the side of the “Soviet Union” had the shape of a barrel, and the underwater wings were added problems. However Kurilov was in the abyss safe and sound, and then almost three days were sailing to one of the Philippine Islands. No special equipment he had: a mask, snorkel, fins gloves Yes.

the Death in networks

Breaking swim about a hundred miles, almost three days later exhausted Stanislav Kurilov has reached the shores of siargao island. Few months he spent in a Filipino prison, and after thanks to my sister and I were finally in Canada. In exile Kurilov several years was engaged in their favorite thing, marine studies. However, marriage to a citizen of Israel again changed his life. However, as Dina Rubina wrote in his book “the White donkey waiting for a Savior”, apparently, Stanislav Vasilevich was destined to die from the waters that once gave him freedom.
By the nature of its activities and because of the nature Kurilov traveled. Once he visited Israel, where he met his future wife. Stanislav moved to the large port city Haifa, where he got a job at the local Oceanographic Institute. With water he still did not leave.
At the end of January 1998, on the sea of Galilee, which in the biblical texts most often referred to as the sea of Galilee, 61-year-old Kurilov worked together with a partner. Colleague entangled in fishing nets, and Stanislav rushed to save him and he was stuck. This time Kurilov was fully equipped. But the outfit did not help him. The air in the cylinders is not enough. Kurilov pulled from the water still alive. But to save him failed.

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