Slim-machine-gunner and the other woman-traitor of the great Patriotic

History 15/02/20 Slim-machine-gunner and the other woman-traitor of the great Patriotic

well-Known names of the traitors-men who in the Great Patriotic war he served the Nazis. But there were Soviet women, not gosausee the service of the Germans. And also those who in the Soviet Union publicly “caught” in “sabotage” by sending in the camp for virtually nothing.


the Most famous Soviet woman-the executioner of the great Patriotic war Antonina Makarova (“Tonka-machine-gunner”) – in captivity, she has agreed to be the executioner, and shot from machine guns up to a total of 2 thousand people convicted of having links with the guerrillas in the notorious Lokotskogo Republic (the exact number of the killed it is still not known).
Historians, Dmitry Zhukov and Ivan Kovtun, in his book described how the 22-year-old woman, voluntarily went to the front, after a variety of adventures was on the area occupied by the Germans and agreed to serve the Nazis, shooting from a machine gun those who the occupiers believed the guerrillas and their collaborators. According to the testimony of most of Antonina Makarova, who changed after marriage name to Ginsburg, no remorse, neither during nor after the executions, she did not feel.
the Tonka-machine-gunner managed to get lost during the retreat of the Nazis and policemen under the onslaught of the red army, after the war was impersonating a veteran. In civilian life about her past friends, acquaintances and colleagues knew nothing. Retribution has overtaken “the hangman in the skirt” only 34 years after the Victory – Antonina Makarova-Ginsburg all the time looking for the KGB and Soviet interior Ministry, as witnesses of her crimes gave relevant testimony. Found only in the late 70-ies in the Bryansk region. In early August 1979 Tonka-machine-gunner was shot by sentence of the court.

the Olympics Polyakova (Lydia Osipova)

As written in the book, “it is Finished. The Germans came!” Oleg Budnitskii, the Olympics Polyakova and her mso Nicholas began to cooperate with the Germans as the introduction in the winter of 1941, when the Nazis occupied the town of Pushkin, where the couple lived. Subsequently, Polyakova repeatedly moved from one place of residence in the occupied territory to another, everywhere and continued to serve the Germans, by publishing a Pro-fascist publications of the anti-Bolshevik article.
Until July of 1944, the Polyakov lived in Riga, where they were eventually evacuated to Germany. There the couple to the end of the war, fearing persecution by the Soviet authorities changed the name, and the couple became known as Osobowymi. Both joined the emigre NTS (people’s labor Union of the Russian solidarists).
Polyakov-Osipova known for his “Diary of collaborationists”, which she led from the first days of the war. In the records the author is openly sympathetic to the Germans and were eager to their early appearance in his home town.
Lived Nicholas and the Olympics Polyakova in West Germany, continuing to engage in anti-Soviet journalism in the emigre press. It is known that Olympias died in 1958.

the Repressed “of izmeniti”

in Addition to the obvious backstabbing of the interests of the Soviet Union, voluntarily and faithfully served the enemy, the Soviet Union was quite famous for the repressed women, allegedly convicted of treason. Larisa Vasilyeva, author of the documentary study “the Kremlin wives”, in particular, described the history of the trial in 1949 of the wife of Vyacheslav Molotov, Polina Zhemchuzhina, she was accused of aiding a foreign intelligence due to the fact that Pearl met with renowned Israeli Golda Meir. Molotov’s wife was released only after Stalin’s death.
Almost half a year spent in prison, the most famous poet of the great Patriotic war Olga Bergholz — in 1938 she was accused of counterrevolutionary activities. Writer of collection “Olga. Forbidden diary” Natalia Sokolovskaya results pages of the diary of the poet for the detention. Quotes are very emotional: Bergholz says that she there was a sense of perspective “prison and hard labor for many years.” Diaries partly clarifies the reason why the poet was kept in prison — prosecutors tried to prove that it was part of a terrorist group, intending to eliminate Zhdanov and Voroshilov. Bergholz was beaten during interrogations, and therefore, pregnant, gave birth to a dead child. In 1939 Olga Bergholz was released for lack of evidence against her accusations.
well-Known domestic biographer, Fedor Razzakov, describing the story of the misadventures of the famous Soviet actress Zoya Fyodorova, mentioned that she was already a popular actress who tried to rescue from Stalin’s camps, his father, threatened Lavrenti Beria, whom Fedorov “was denied in favor of”. In 1947, actress (she has already won two Stalin prizes for the actor) was arrested for “spying for foreign countries” (at Fedorova was having an affair with the American). Until 1955 the condemned sat in Vladimir Central, at one time in the same cell with the singer Lydia Ruslanova (the one accused of appropriation numerous “trophy” of the property during a tour of defeated Germany). Both sisters actress also shared her fate, one of them, Mary, died in prison. After his release from prison Zoya Fedorova returned to the profession, starred in many movies.
the RA’zac in his “report on stars…” writes another super popular Soviet actress Tatyana okunevskaya, also a victim of the attention of Lavrenti Beria, according to her own memoirs, did not avoid contact with loving a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b), it was “… raped happened irreparable…”. But the term okunevskaya, according to the writer, was for the fact that refused the Minister of state security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov, who had sanctioned the arrest of the actress under article 58.10 of the RSFSR criminal code (anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda) in 1948. In the camp okunevskaya spent more than 4 years.
the memories of Actresses like Zoya Fedorova, and Role during the investigation was beatenand, forced to give relevant testimony.

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