The self-defense forces of Japan: the threat to Russia of Japanese

Another 15/02/20 the self-defense Forces of Japan: the threat to Russia of Japanese “army”

Japan post-war sample is sometimes called the most peaceful nation on the planet. As a rule, when it is mentioned that the land of the rising sun to participate in armed conflicts directly prohibited by the Constitution, the second Chapter which reads: “the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.” All this, however, does not prevent Japan to have an army that in 2019 was one of the most powerful in the world.

the World – only on paper

Formally the army in the Country of the rising sun not – there’s this term I try to avoid, at the official level, preferring to call the armed forces by the defense. They are supposedly civil, i.e., non-military organization, although their commander in chief – Japanese Prime Minister, the functions of the Ministry of defense runs the Department of defense, and all strategic issues – from the development of the military-industrial complex to the use of weapons – decided by the Council of national security with the government.

the self-defense Forces was formed in Japan in 1954, instead lasted two years, the National security forces. By this time – largely thanks to the Americans occupied the country were already full training military officers, and the lion’s share of the Japanese military enterprises were excluded from the reparations list. And this despite the fact that the “peace” Constitution was adopted only in 1947.

Quite a bit of time it took Japan to fully stand up war footing after world war II. To 1970-m to years of self-defense Forces was fully staffed and equipped with modern weapons, and almost all the needs in the technique was provided by local businesses. What was missing having fun in the country supplies the United States.

By 2018, Japan came fully armed. In the ranking of the most powerful armies in the world according to Global Firepower, she took eighth place. When calculating military strength, experts have considered as a variety of weapons and the number of regular troops, and geographical, logistical and other factors. All evaluation was held for 55 parameters.

According to researchers, the number of Japan self-defense Forces last year exceeded 310 thousand people were in service 1508 aircraft (of which 290 fighter planes), 679 battle tanks and 131 warship, including four helicopter carriers. Thus, the military budget amounted to 44 billion dollars – a figure comparable with the figure for Russia (47 billion), which ranked second place.

to counter Japan the enemy?

the Japanese self-defense Forces includes Ground, Naval and Air forces. In quantitative terms – number of soldiers – the first accounts for 60 percent of the soldiers, the rest of 20 percent.

the Most developed in technical terms, best trained and most experienced are considered to be Maritime self-defense force. Their strike force four destroyer-helicopter: two of the “Hyuga” and “Izumo”. The oldest of them – “Hyuga” – was commissioned in 2009, the youngest – “Kaga” – in 2017.

All four ships by the Japanese authorities classified as “escort ships” – that is, the court, the main striking force which is a helicopter unit. However, according to experts, this assessment is not entirely untrue. So, the helicopter project “the Hyuga” equipped with missiles, they are equipped with artillery, anti-submarine and mine-torpedo weapons. In addition, the ships first in the Maritime self-defense force was equipped with a flight deck the entire length of the side and extended helicopter group – up to 11 pieces of SH-60K SeaHawk.

that is why in the annual Handbook on fighting ships Jane’s world court project: “Hyuga” and “ISE” – are classified as helicopter, and in foreign media, they are often is called the aircraft carriers (both in the same ranking Global Firepower) and considered as a sign of the rebirth of naval aviation of Japan.

to become comrades and ships of the type “Izumo”. With a length of 248 meters and a displacement of 27 thousand tons they are the largest in the fleet since the Second world war. Aviation group of these ships can be up to 14 helicopters, while in total they can accommodate 28 units of various flight equipment. And of course, the ships of the “Izumo” is also equipped with missile and artillery weapons. And at the end of 2017, the government of Japan and all have announced plans to create the first carrier on the basis of one helicopter for this project.

in Addition to the helicopter, the Japanese naval command has nine destroyers with guided missiles, 29 destroyers, six frigates, and 18 submarines. It is noteworthy that most of them were commissioned in the third Millennium. For example, all operational submarines and half of the destroyers. It speaks about the active re-equipment of the Maritime self-defense forces.

In this regard, not far behind Navy in Land and Air forces. So, the main battle tank in the Japanese forces gradually becoming modern “Type 10”, which replaced its predecessors “Type 90 and Type 74”. A new war machine has a more powerful gun (120mm vs 105mm at the “74th”), advanced information and control systems and a higher level of security. It also has an automatic continuously variable transmission, which improved the dynamics of dispersal of the tank.

the Main combat aircraft Air self-defense force remains manufactured under license in Japan American fighter F-15. Also, the weapons are Japan’s Mitsubishi F-2, gradually out of operation deduced F-4 Phantom II.

With great hope in Tokyo waiting for the troops fighter-bombers of the fifth genia F-35. First, because they will be the most modern of those that are in service. Second, the Japanese do not forget that these aircraft, according to the plans, will consist of the aviation group of the first aircraft carrier.

Also after the United States in 2007 refused to sell Japan the fifth generation fighter F-22, in Japan began work on its own fifth – generation aircraft, the Mitsubishi ATD-X. currently flight ready prototype that took to the air in 2016.

the X Factor

Despite the vast Arsenal of self-defense Forces, the eye immediately catches the almost complete absence of Japan’s offensive weapons. The main purpose of all the ships – anti-submarine defense. The Air force has no attack aircraft and bombers of the net.

However, with a special desire and the available weapons is quite suitable for the attack. Moreover, increasingly, in Japan the alarm bells, which the peaceful status of the country can already be questioned.

One of them is the introduction in 2016 of the law expanding powers of National defense forces. The document for the first time since the Second world war allowed Japanese troops to participate in military action to protect “friendly countries”, even if the threat to Japan does not exist.

the Second signal – the decision to redesign based on one of the “escort ships” of the aircraft carrier. And such ships, as you know, are full of offensive weapons.

increasingly in the Country of the rising sun say about reformatting the self-defense forces. So, in 2014, the government announced the intention to establish a unit of the marine corps, as mentioned in the project of military reform, approved in 2012. There it is proposed to rename the self-defense forces in the army, to purchase additional weapons and to increase the effectiveness of a missile defense system.

Finally, you should always keep in mind the fact that behind Japan stands the combat power of the United States. In the middle of the XX centuryESA, Tokyo and Washington signed some treaties that the Americans have exclusive rights to the deployment of armed forces in exchange for military support. Today in Japan is a significant contingent of the armed forces of the United States – numbering up to 50 thousand people, which in any scenario is considered as an additional threat.

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