Seven operations and flights to Moscow: leopard rescued after the accident

In Moscow from Primorye to long-term treatment came leopard named Elbrus. The predator was hit by a car last spring, has transferred some difficult operations, but there were complications. To return to the wild, endangered animal need help of specialists.

a Nine-hour flight — and that’s a rare beast in Moscow. Endangered leopard delivered direct flight from Primorye. Packed securely in a large wooden box, so that only through a small hole you can see the spotted passenger.

“This cell was previously brought from the Moscow zoo that the animal was comfortable to move the flights, — said the official representative of the airline Sergei Starikov. — We have created most comfortable conditions, he was transported in the Luggage compartment of the plane, where they created a temperature comfortable for the transport of animals. On the flight it was observed by veterinarians”.

This leopard arrived in the capital for treatment. A year ago it was accidentally discovered by the inhabitants of the far Eastern Federal district, wounded and exhausted. The predator literally was not a living space. Legs broken, a broken back — in this condition he was taken to seaside rehabilitation center for animals. Hope for salvation was. But he survived.

“He was conducted seven operations. Initially, the forecasts do not give anybody. Thought a few days left of life. Fortunately, veterinarians have proved their professionalism. Life leopard rescued”, — said Chairman of the Board of the rehabilitation Centre for tigers and other rare animals “Tiger” Viktor Kuzmenko.

the Beast was on the mend, his appetite. It seemed, to return to the wild. But experts said: due to severe injuries on the back formed a benign tumor. Now Elbrus — the name given to the leopard after salvation — there is still some complex operations. Their conduct in Moscow SPcialisoriginal clinic.

“He is lame and, most importantly, cannot climb trees. It can not be released into the wild because he will become a victim of the tiger or dog,” says the Director of the national Park “Land of leopard” Viktor Bardyuk.

Returns whether the predator in the forest or he will pick up a new house is not yet clear. Still a long way to treatment and rehabilitation.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”