Weapons 17/02/20 Operation “the Fight”: how the Soviet intelligence stole the British secret guided missiles

One of the cornerstones of state power is the efficiency of the activities of its intelligence agencies: what is this activity more effective, the stronger the state. In the Affairs of state, and especially international – no one is to be trusted, even formal allies. The results of Soviet operation “Battle” showed that the rogue can be even alleged “brothers in arms”.

How and why it all started

In the postwar period, and besides, in conditions exacerbated by the Cold war, the Soviet leadership began to focus on intelligence activities, to prevent the emergence of a new powerful world of the aggressor. Listening to the negotiations, military and police surveillance – this was all set out and bore fruit, but, however, hampered the work of the scouts, which was also conducted continuous surveillance.

Joint efforts, in the end, was coordinated and established, especially in the Italian direction: Roman residency has become more active in the scientific and technical direction. Through painstaking work began to come to the idea that Italy has a direct relationship to some powerful weapons of British manufacture. In early 1947, the Center was given the task to find out, test to find out and produce.

English is the danger

In the midst of the Second world war, when Albion was already bombarded by the German rocket “FAU-2”, English engineering and inventive minds have worked to develop anti-aircraft artillery projectile of the type “earth-earth”, which has high accuracy of hitting the moving targets. As you know, the “V-2” led to enormous destruction, but had a very low precision: the launch 2000 missiles of this type in London led to the deaths of “only” 2700 people. The Britishe decided to correct the “unfortunate misunderstanding” that is associated with the lack of proper sighting in the construction of its “new”.

Gunsmiths from the United Kingdom managed to create an anti-aircraft projectile with a phenomenally high at the time, the hit ratio of a flying goal, with no less than “V-2”, destructiveness. Called it a miracle of the military equipment “Battle.” The Soviet side should have access to the necessary information in order to then pass it to the Center. Of course, many idea to seek Italy “British trail” seemed frivolous and utopian. However…

Mission accomplished

the Residency of the USSR in Rome came to the conclusion that the British could cooperate on missiles “Fight” with southern European government related to the unit “of the Axis”.

“Boy” were already in service with the British army, part of which, incidentally, was stationed, including in the Italian lands. And therefore there is good reason to assume that some number of units of high-precision anti-aircraft missiles could place anywhere on the Apennine Peninsula.

in addition, after the Italian coup of 1943 – loser fascist state began to actively attract Anglo-Saxon military-political bloc. It was unknown how far along in their interstate relations, but the possibility of intimate contact, including through the development of weapons, and was not excluded and needed to be overhauled.

Finally, the arms trade was conducted not only on public but also on private channels, and to test transnational and transterritorial contacts also seem necessary.

the Arguments, suspicions, guesses and conclusions of Soviet experts in the end proved to be correct. Shells “Fight” really delivered to Italy with a view to their subsequent storage in the vicinity of Rome, and in quantities of several thousand units. It only remained to consider how to carry out the withdrawal and transfer of necessary information and objects in the Center.

the development of the matter with the Colonel of the foreign intelligence service Nikolai Mikhailovich Gorshkov. The task attracted an experienced agent “ray”, which in its relations to British and American trade of intermediary firms managed to find a store location “Battles.” Moreover, it became clear that not only the British, but the Italian army has units electronic anti-aircraft missiles in its Arsenal.

the appearance of the missiles was not as impressive as its action. The “battle” was little more than a beer bottle, and did not differ from an ordinary artillery shell – without arms cartridges. Built-in missile electronic device blew up a shell on the optimal to hit a target distance.

Agent “ray” broke in need of administrative and engineering-technical environment that allowed him to buy back as samples “Fighting” and the necessary documentation to them. In September 1947, the residency reported to the Centre about the job and sent him the data.

In conclusion, the chief designer of KB recorded the following comment: “for the First time obtained a prototype of the rocket fully loaded. The study sample largely contributes to reducing the development time of the same sample and cost him.”

Is triggered by Soviet intelligence made it possible to prevent the strengthening of the Anglo-Saxon military influence in the former fascist States.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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