Foreign antiterreurparket of Paris, carries out an investigation into the announcement of the start-up of the Corsican national liberation front FLNC. The announcement of the start-up was performed by five masked men, reported to the public prosecutor of the Center.

Corsica was, for a long period of time in the stage of resorting to violence. In 2014, explained to the FLNC put down their arms. The FNLC was a part of and the other reading the scene in 40 year in the French island. Corsica was again and again by the attacks, was shocked. The targets were the focus of the villas of the wealthy French. At the same time, terrorist attacks are also a lot of people have been shot dead, believed to be in command of the mafia.

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five masked men held a press conference for the local newspaper, the Corse-Matin . Therein did they know that a ban would impose on a non-Corsicanen to buy property on the island, and that they have quotas to enter the tourism industry. That’s all, “the Corsican people to be able to attack it.

The public prosecutor’s office carries out an investigation into the terrorist bendevorming. “Even the great ones have been small, so this event is taken very seriously.”