To the best of the web, We’re going to fly of the week again, with a new maandagpuzzel, and also had a problem with the “official of the CIA quizboek”. Are you smart enough to be a secret agent?

for Four weeks, you get a puzzle out, “Are you smart enough to be a secret agent? The official CIA quizboek”, a book of over a thousand riddles, brain teasers, and other questions, and for those who dream of a career as a modern-day spy. This week: how many masonic handshakes?

You’re going under the guise of a job as a business man. You gaatuit to dinner with three business associates in a restaurant. It was good to have jullieallemaal shook hands with each other. After the voorstelronde and uitwisselenvan pleasantries, there was a lull. You will seize the chance to get the brain power vanje’s business partners to test, and at the same time, the ice is breaking up on all three of the tevragen: “How many masonic handshakes, we exchanged when we were together, vanavondontmoetten?”

This question has the desired effect, as the three make their hersenskraken, and do not completely agree with each other. One of them says that there is vierhanddrukken have taken place, the second had six, and the third says to the twelve.

Which one of these answers is correct: , four -, six -, or twelve, ?