ARCHIV - 09.07.2022, Großbritannien, London: Andrea Jenkyns, Staatssekretärin aus Großbritannien, spricht zu den Medien in Westminster. Mit einem Stinkefinger gegen Kritiker des britischen Premierministers Johnson hat die britische Staatssekretärin Andrea Jenkyns auch in ihrer eigenen Konservativen Partei für Empörung gesorgt. Foto: Kirsty O'connor/PA Wire/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

British Secretary of State Andrea Jenkyns has also provoked criticism within her own Conservative Party by pointing the finger at critics of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The behavior was “outrageous,” Tory MP George Freeman tweeted on Saturday. “This is exactly why we need a new prime minister.”

The code of conduct for ministers must be restored, service in public offices must be respected. Cabinet member Mark Spencer said the obscene gesture was unacceptable.

Jenkyns justified himself. Like other politicians, she was badly insulted by a “barking mob”. In the past few years, she has received verbal abuse and four death threats. “I was at the end of my strength.” Jenkyns emphasized that nobody should put up with such treatment. “I should have shown more composure, but I’m only human.”

The politician says she made the obscene gesture on Thursday as she entered Downing Street through a gate. While there, she followed Johnson’s announcement of his retirement, showing her support for the 58-year-old.

She has now been appointed Secretary of State for Education by the incumbent prime minister. Dozens of people stood in front of the gate, many of whom chanted, calling on the prime minister to resign immediately.