Jona Teichmann is program director of Deutschlandradio with the programs Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Deutschlandfunk Nova.

Ms. Teichmann, what annoyed you the most in the media this week? I am annoyed by the way Corona is dealt with. I have the feeling that we haven’t learned anything in over two years. At the moment we don’t even have an overview of new infections and we don’t even have a real plan for autumn and winter. There is no solid data basis. This is bad for science, but also for us journalists.

Was there anything that made you happy? I’m happy about the European Women’s Soccer Championship! This is really good sport and is becoming more and more popular, and rightly so. I’m rooting for it – and of course we’re following the EM intensively in our programs and online.

Which podcast can you recommend? “Classic Drastic” – a podcast with Devid Striesow and Axel Ranisch! The two have a very engaging way of talking about music. My heart opens up and I am happy about the many new things that I experience. It’s fun to listen to – and a lot of fun for the music.