ARCHIV - 18.06.2013, Jordanien, Jordanian Desert: Ein am 18. Juni 2013 von der amtlichen jordanischen Nachrichtenagentur (Petra) veröffentlichtes Handout-Bild zeigt US-Raketenwerfer HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) beim Abschuss einer Rakete während der Militärübung Eager Lion. (zu dpa «Militärhilfe aus dem Westen: Wie viel bringen Kiew die neuen Waffen?») Foto: Petra News Agency / Handout/PETRA NEWS AGENCY/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Moscow has declared western weapon systems in Ukraine as its number one target. No wonder, since Himars, M777 artillery, self-propelled howitzers and javelins wreak havoc on the Russian military. Recently, Ukraine also seems to have been using US-made missiles that specifically attack enemy radar systems and thus severely weaken air defenses (see article below).

So far, Moscow has not found any antidote to Western weapons on the battlefield. On paper, on the other hand, it is. Every few days, the Moscow Ministry of Defense sends out a report that, for example, another Himar rocket launcher has been disabled. In early August, Defense Minister Shoigu claimed that a total of six systems had been destroyed. At least four more are said to have joined since then. Makes ten. With a total of 16 delivered systems. A remarkable success.

However, Moscow has so far failed to provide any evidence of its success. For example, a photo that has been circulated does not show a Himars system, but a similar-looking transport truck. Another time, the many-ton vehicles are said to have been hidden on the second floor of a house. Not surprisingly, according to the US, which tracks the vehicles via GPS, not a single missile system has been destroyed so far.



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