The Lobaev arms 30/01/20 Aggressi “Twilight”: how far it shoots the best sniper rifle

3 October 2017 set a new record for a sniper rifle. The bullet hit the target at a distance of 4210 m.

Record-breaking shot was fired by a Russian sharpshooter Andrei Ryabinsky rifle sverhdalnoboynaya svlk-14S “Twilight” of the Russian production. The rifle was developed in 2012 and since then, shooting from her, set several records in the firing range. In 2017, has been improved its own previous record of 4175 m.

In this rifle very much unusual, but first and foremost you should pay attention to the fact that it is not a product of well-known domestic weapons corporations. Official manufacturer is a private enterprise “Design office of integrated systems” (CBIS), founded and owned by brothers Lobaeva. The company is located in the town of Tarusa in Kaluga region. Rifle sverhdalnoboynaya svlk is the development of the rifle SVL of the same company, and it was developed in LLC “Tsar cannon” based in the same Lomaiviti in the same logic. In 2009 the firm due to the non-renewal of a license by the authorities for their activities (the reason is called also conflict with the Izhevsk factory) in full strength moved to the United Arab Emirates, where worked on the development of rifles with long range shooting. They created the rifle entered service with the Royal guard and elite units of the army of the UAE. However, in 2013, the gunsmiths back in the Kaluga region.

CBIS created a whole family of long-range precision rifles in various classes. The company’s portfolio of more than forty models of weapons and weapons systems, including perspective, the main lineup comprises seven rifles. The most interesting and famous example of brand Lobaev Arms is the line sniper rifles SVL, among them “Nightfall”.

the Rifle sverhdalnoboynaya svlk-14S (SVLK-14S Twilight), as well as other weapons of CBIS, developed individually according to customer requirements, under different ammunition. In the basic configuration used cartridge .408 CheyTec, 10,3×77 mm, which is designed specifically for sniping long distances.

Munition developed in the United States, but nothing unpatriotic no. It is worth mentioning that the famous PCA (as well as PPS and PPD) used the Mauser cartridge, from the most famous of huge pistols in a wooden holster, familiar from the films about the Civil war. The Germans fired the same ammunition.

currently, CBIS is developing its own new generation of ammunition for their rifles. And already have a complete set of the “Twilight” chambered for .40 Lobaev Improved.

it is also important that from 2017 all rifle Lobaeva fully assembled from domestic parts and materials. According to the creators, there is nothing “out there”.

the Products of CBIS not commercially available, only under the order. Among the customers, athletes and hunters from different countries intelligence agencies, including the Russian Federal security service and the Federal penitentiary service. Of course, security did not particularly flaunt their weapons, but we can say with confidence that the rifle Lobaeva they have.

Its unique features — long range and high accuracy of fire — the rifle “Twilight” required design features. Brand receiver (the receiver) is made of aircraft aluminum with an insert made of high-alloy stainless steel. The barrel of its own development, the company LOBAEV Hummer Barrels. Slide group KING V3.0. a private development. The stock of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiber glass is unique.

the Official price of the rifle in basic configuration listed on the website of CBIZ — 1 945 000 rubles For comparison: the price of a Kalashnikov rifle ranges from 20 to 30 thousand rubles.

it is Clear that a rifle with this price, weighing almost ten pounds and with a length of over five feet would not be a mass weapon. Yes, and shoot at war, even today, with its vast scale at such a distance is necessary very rarely. This shot may be one, for some particularly important goals, and to prepare it it is necessary much. Before you shoot for 3-4 km, the goal should at least to find. It turns out not just the sniper shot, and the whole operation involving people and equipment.

by the Way, the record for distance in a real fight recorded in 2017 in Syria, where canadian special forces in Mosul from a distance of 3540 m killed one of the militants of ISIS with a rifle McMillan TAC-50. Bullets flying in this shot went on for about 10 seconds (a record shot of Andrei Ryabinsky rifle “the Twilight” of the bullet 13 seconds). During this time a sprint run not even Olympic Champions.

However much range you need on range is small. Or relatively small. In real war snipers firing from the special long-range rifles 1.5—2 km. More tactical setting is just not required.

But if you take the same rifle NATO, for example, an American CheyTac M200 “Intervention”, which is made under the same cartridge .408 CheyTac, that and “Twilight”, it seems to be on the same 2 km beats. Here only a large effective range in any case means greater initial velocity (from “Twilight” she is 900 m/s, and the American rifle — 800 m/s), and this gives greater accuracy at close distances. When you consider that rifles of this type are used when firing is not only an open target, but not behind very thick barriers, the advantage of Russian rifles available.

Cyril Shishkin

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