The resignation in connection with loss of trust: what it really means

Another 30/01/20 Resignation in connection with loss of trust: what it really means

on 29 January it became known that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has sent in resignation the head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatiev. For an explanation of this decision, the Russian President has used his decree established the phrase “in connection with loss of trust”. This stationery cliché in the last 10 years, regularly accompanies the major resignation of high-ranking officials.

Michael Ignatieff

the document signed by the President did not specify what actions Ignatiev caused the loss of confidence. However, observers have no doubt that the entire blame for the scandal around the head of the Chuvash Republic a few days ago. On 18 January in Cheboksary Ignatiev is awarded to the members of the local MOE the keys to the new fire vehicle. Suddenly, the head of the Republic has decided to “play dog” – he extended a hand and lifted the key over his head so that major emergencies Ministry Yevgeny Vasilyev was forced to jump to get them.

the media and Internet users, who turned out to be the video of the ceremony, began to criticize Ignatieff, calling his actions unethical. Note that just 5 days before the incident with the keys, the head of the Chuvash Republic allowed himself to harsh statements against “bloggers and journalists” saying that they need “watering”. So the media also did not “spare” the head of the Republic in the current situation.

After the event received a wide resonance, the behavior of the Governor considered the ethics Commission of the party “United Russia”. The Secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak called the actions of Ignatieff being “beyond comprehension”. After exclusion from the ranks of United Russia Ignatiev stay in his position ceased to hold and the Supreme Executive authority.

Nikita Belykh

unlike Michael Ignatieff, had not committed any criminal over here…on governance, the other dismissed Putin “in connection with loss of trust” Governor Nikita Belykh at the time the resignation was under investigation. The head of the Kirov region was accused of receiving a bribe in especially large size. A month after the criminal case, 28 July 2016, the Russian President sent Nikita Belykh resigned.

Alexei Ulyukayev

Another high-profile dismissal last years, due to the “loss of confidence” – the resignation of Alexei Ulyukayev, who until November 15, 2016 held the position of Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation. He was sent by Putin to resign after the corruption excitation of criminal case and during the trial. The dismissal was preceded by the room of the speaker under house arrest.

Vyacheslav Gaizer

a Lot of fuss about the resignation of the head of Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer. 19 September 2015 Gaiser was taken to Moscow and questioned – according to the Investigative Committee, the Governor created a criminal organization and engaged in fraud. Putin dismissed the head of the region 11 days after his arrest.

Yuri Luzhkov

If in the above cases, the resignation of the officials were accompanied by public scandals or criminal cases, the dismissal of Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010, Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov was not related to some specific action of the mayor. Events unfolded differently: first, according to the Federal channels showed critical films about Luzhkov and then President signed a decree on the resignation of the mayor of Moscow in connection with the “loss of confidence”. Luzhkov himself explained his resignation that refused to support the nomination of Medvedev for a second presidential term. After the dismissal of Luzhkov criticized the authorities, but the grounds for his prosecution from law enforcement agencies is not found.

“Loss of confidence” – a universal language that is used in cases when it is necessary to remove almost any servant. In “disgrace” and could fall as officials who violated the letter of the law, and tothat allowed some unacceptable from the point of view of morality and ethics actions. It is curious that the very wording sounds so that maximum distance from the person to whom it applies. This allows you to “save face” upper management has appointed an official to a post. By the way, present this formulation in the Labour code of the Russian Federation in article 81.

it is possible to note only one fact: a criminal prosecution usually involves the resignation, however, a decision the President may make at any stage of the process.

Timur Sagdiyev

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