A few days ago, a military expert surprised many people with an astonishingly pessimistic war forecast on Russian state television, which is actually loyal to the Kremlin – now Mikhail Khodaryonok has publicly rowed back.

To believe that the Ukrainians could launch a counterattack is “a great exaggeration,” said the 68-year-old on Wednesday evening on the program “60 minutes”.

The political talk show, this time titled “Achievements of the Russian Air and Space Forces,” was the same one in which Khodaryonok announced just Monday that the Ukrainian armed forces were far from disintegrating nearly three months after the start of the war.

Furthermore, the former Russian general staff officer explained with a view to the further goals of the Russian army: “The basis for this is that the realization of these projects will unpleasantly surprise the Ukrainian side in the near future.” who kept interrupting, visibly dissatisfied, this time let him finish speaking for several minutes without a break.

While Khodarjonok recently emphasized the strong will to fight of the Ukrainian soldiers and their rearmament by the West, he now emphasized that Russia’s armed forces were deliberately tracking down and destroying foreign weapons.

“Soon only memories will remain of the American howitzers,” he said. The editors later displayed these words again in the program as a large quote board.

The programs of the Russian state television are considered the mouthpiece of the Kremlin. Critical opinions are largely eliminated from the public. A relatively new law also provides for up to 15 years in prison for alleged “false news” about Russia’s armed forces.