Track and field athletics of Russia for the second year in a row, not at the world championships in athletics to participate in. That is, the International athletics federation on Monday, four days before the title in Doha and decide.

The IAAF said the suspensions, which, in 2015, the Russian athletics federation RusAF it was imposed on them. That’s what happened after that, there is evidence for a widespread doping scandal. Russia has always denied that the government has been involved in a dopingprogramma. However, it is proven that the high officials and the use of prohibited substances to the Russian athletes have been provided.

on Monday, the world anti-doping Agency WADA, the questions in the dopinggegevens in Russia at the beginning of this year, overmaakte. There is also a lack of consistency as regards the data of the previous antidopinglaboratorium in Moscow, russia. “The actual facts we do not know yet, but we have to rely on the information contained in it, NAMELY us,” says Rune Andersen, director of the IAAF Task Force, which monitors the Russian atletiekwereld. “It is quite clear that the Russians have not yet met the criteria to be a kampioenshap to be admitted.”

However, forward Russia, with 29 athletes competing at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. They will compete under a neutral flag, and have been extensively reviewed. They have been shown never to have been a member of the Russian dopingssysteem. The Mary Lasitskene is the leader of the team. The two-time world champion in the capital city of Qatar, and her title for a second time be renewed. She underlined her form this year, jumping about, 2m06, with a personal best time. Also, Sergey Shubenkov, world champion of 2015 and runner up at the worlds in 2017 in the 110-meter hurdles, may be to the World.