The national government will separately have to decide whether the type of the passenger plane ” Boeing 737 MAX is once again allowed to fly. That being said, the American aviation authority the FAA today. The planes are already in the six months to the ground, and, after two fatal crashes.

in Accordance with the FAA to “any government decision to take the plane again to be based on an in-depth analysis”. The statement came after the FAA director, Steve Dickson, in Canda for more than half a luchtvaartfunctionarissen had met behind closed doors to the public. At that meeting, the global aviation community to be informed of the progress on the plane.

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The 737 MAX vliegtuigreeksen in march, the chain is placed, and after two crashes involving the aircraft type, MAX, 8, were involved. In march, Ethiopia), 157 people were killed in another crash in Indonesia in October last year, there were 189. The cause of the crash could be related to issues with the software.
No prescription timeline

certification of the 737 MAX, is an essential step before the unit is re-passengers. The FAA reiterated, however, that there’s no prescribed timeline, to the device for re-hire.
In the “next few weeks” will have a panel of technical security experts worldwide to create the findings and recommendations set out in the procedure for the 737 MAX, re-certify it.

Boeing said that the 737 MAX aircraft, in a number of countries, including the United States, and in the autumn the weather can be used, but do not have the exact date.