TV is a lot of shocked reactions when it was discovered that a number of the actors in ” The Buurtpolitie’ would go away. That was lucky for the viewers, very well taken care of, because his big francq is a (26) has the range of a vrouwenmagneet with it. Though he thinks himself differently: “I’m a vrouwenmagneet?I just find it really odd that there’s now way I’m being spoken to,” says Ruben, who is also a model, this week, in the weekly magazine TV Familie.

“it’s Amazing that I got that phone call got to be The Buurtpolitie to work with. I’ve been in a while, an actor in my spare time, but they were always small and running smoothly,” said team pokerstars pro in the magazine. “I’ll play Luke, bars and restaurants, and the dispatcher at the police station. He is the one who calls, gets it and then the teams are aware of what exactly needs to be done. I’m admittedly a little less in the way than the other “newbies” who are the young people playing it. Maarik think it’s fantastic that I get a chance.”

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Rubenwordt The Buurtpolitie so it will be on the market as a ‘beautiful boy’. “In fact, I think it is a little embarrassing,” he admits. “That is to say: I am now used to it, and I’m really not bothered by it. Acting, by the way, is not my main. I’m an English teacher, and engeef physical education and sports. In the first high school. But, I will only be in sports. This means that my role in The Buurtpolitie’ will be able to combine it with my job. I do not, therefore, in order to continue in the evening to free up time for tests and homework can improve.”

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